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November 2019

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7 Secrets of Highly Successful Investors

Prosper in this volatile market (or any other) by focusing on fundamentals.


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From the Editor

We pay more for health care than any other nation, averaging nearly $10,800 per person per year.

What to Expect From the 2020 Census

The 2020 count will determine everything from congressional districts in your state to funds for roads and bridges.

Yahoo Reaches Data Breach Settlement

More than 3 billion Yahoo account holders were affected by the data hacks, which occurred between 2012 and 2016. And a $117.5 million settlement has been proposed.

Will Rates in the U.S. Go Negative?

It’s unlikely we’ll follow Europe and Japan, but interest rates will stay low for a while.

New Travel Rights for International Fliers May Prompt Change in the U.S.

Travel delays and other mishaps will become less aggravating for fliers in Canada and the European Union.

Unconventional Mortgage Loans Are Making a Comeback

Lenders are making it easier to get loans, but a repeat of the housing crisis isn’t in the cards.

Don't Expect an End to Robocalls

A new pact will reduce but not eliminate incessant phone calls.

Save on Rental Car Coverage

There are cheaper alternatives than what's offered by the rental agency. Cobbling together sufficient coverage is hard, but could save you a lot in the end.

Do Global Funds Have a Place in Your Portfolio?

A global fund provides exposure to U.S. and foreign stocks, including shares of companies in emerging markets.

How Teens Can Start Investing Through a Roth IRA

By beginning to invest in a Roth IRA at an early age, today’s teens can become tomorrow’s millionaires.


7 Secrets of Highly Successful Investors

Prosper in this volatile market (or any other) by focusing on fundamentals.

5 Market Pros Speak on What to Do Now

David Kelly, Liz Ann Sonders, Sarah Ketterer and others give their guidance on dealing with this choppy market.

How to Make the Most of a Down Market

If Wall Street’s got you queasy, here are five things you can do to help make sure you’ll be OK."

Dine Out on Restaurant Stocks

Although these are flush times for eating out, success for restaurants can still be elusive. The tight labor market has hit them especially hard.

Contrarian Funds: Charting Their Own Path

Funds that go against the flow have struggled lately but are due for a turnaround.

6 Stock Market Undisruptables

Things move fast today. These six firms have fought off paradigm-shifting challenges.

The Never-Ending Hunt for Yield

The prospects are good for corporate bonds, real estate investment trusts and utilities.

Tepid Gains in a Hot Bond Rally

Jeffrey Gundlach says DoubleLine Total Return Bond has done well so far, but falling rates are causing slight bumps in the road.

For This Stock Fund, a Focused Approach Pays Off

This young fund has bet big on tech and industrial companies.


What You Should Know About Open Enrollment

You may have more health insurance options. But you’ll need to work harder to find the one that’s right for you.

How to Lower Your Health Care Costs

Choosing the right insurance policy is key to managing higher deductibles and co-pays.

Navigate 2020 Medicare Changes During Open Enrollment

Beneficiaries can shop for new health coverage starting October 15. Find out what's new and perhaps less costly for the coming year.

What Women Want in a Financial Adviser

They’re put off by aggressive sales tactics and excessive jargon.

Should You Get a Loan From Your Credit Card?

The convenience can come at a steep cost. But there are options.


How to Downsize Your RMDs

You must start taking required minimum distributions from your IRA at age 70½. But you can reduce the tax bill.

The Benefits of Being FIRE-Ish

You can adapt the Financial Independence, Retire Early movement to fit your lifestyle.

How to Build a Credit History

Credit newbies can take advantage of both tried-and-true methods and new alternatives.


Should You Borrow From Your 401(k)?

You shouldn’t tap your retirement plan until you’ve exhausted other sources of funds.

5 Ways to Slice the S&P 500

What started as a plain-vanilla fund concept now comes in many flavors.


Discover Your Roots With DNA Testing

DNA testing offers insights into your family tree, but watch out for unintended consequences.

How to Get Rid of a Timeshare

It’s not easy, and you will never get back what you paid for it.

How to Reduce Your Property Tax Bill

If the taxes on your property have skyrocketed, take these potentially money-saving actions.