Karee Venema

Karee Venema

Contributing Editor, Kiplinger.com

Karee Venema is a Contributing Editor for Kiplinger.com (opens in new tab). She brings with her extensive experience in the stock market, having spent the past decade as a writer and columnist, with an emphasis on options trading, as well as technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis.

At Kiplinger, Karee assists in coverage of the stock market and is a frequent contributor to the daily Closing Bell (opens in new tab) e-letter and an occasional contributor to the A Step Ahead (opens in new tab) e-letter. Karee has been quoted across several media outlets, including InvestorPlace, TheStreet.com (opens in new tab), Investopedia and USA Today

She graduated from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

You can contact her on Twitter @karee_venema (opens in new tab).

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