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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

October 2018

October issue of KPFM

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Income for Life

How to make your retirement money last as long as you do—even if the market throws you a curve.


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From the Editor

Aging forces you to make increasingly complex financial decisions.

Lawmakers Want to Help You Save in Your 401k

Legislation to encourage retirement savings is on deck in Congress, but critics says it’s nowhere near ambitious enough.

California Ramps Up Privacy Protection

A new law may spur other states—or the feds—to give you more control over your online data.

Online Bargains That Are Too Good to Be True

A super-low price could be one sign that an item is counterfeit.

Fidelity Debuts No-Fee Mutual Funds

When it comes to saving on fees, you can’t do better than zero. But Fidelity’s offerings do come with a catch.

Peer-to-Peer Payments Made Easier

These prepaid cards are linked to peer-to-peer accounts.

Lori Atwood’s No-Strings Financial Advice

This financial planner charges by the hour and gives investors tools to better manage their money.

Opening Shot

Looking at today’s booming economy, the question is not whether it is good but whether you think it is going to get better.

Millennial Money

Even if you’re unmarried and without dependents, you should still have a will.

Rethinking Retirement

Readers offer their spin on our financial advice and recount personal experiences that will help future retirees.


Save Money on Medicare

During open enrollment, take a hard look at Part D and Medicare Advantage plans.

Co-ops Put College Students to Work

These schools give students on-the-job training before they graduate.

Pump Up Your Gas Rebates

With prices at the pump climbing, some gas-brand credit cards are ramping up their discount offers.


The Best Online Brokers, 2018

Top contenders in this year’s rankings finish in a dead heat.

5 Stock Market Signs to Watch

These indicators can warn you when a peak is on the horizon.

Best Stocks of the Bull Market

The winners are a diverse group in a wide range of industries. Not all are household names.

Practical Investing

I have several contingency plans for a down market, none of which require tons of sacrifice. So I’ve opted to hold less cash.

Fund Watch

Fidelity Select Health Care seeks a healthy balance between risk and return.

Fund Watch

The downturn among foreign stocks has affected the foreign-stock funds in the Kiplinger 25, but they still deserve a place in your portfolio.


5 Stories of Retirees’ Second Acts

Changing careers to pursue a passion may seem daunting. Here’s how five people made the switch.

Drive Time

Our world is full of wonderful furry creatures. They just need to stay the heck away from our vehicles already.

The Best and Worst Presidents (According to the Stock Market)

Which American presidents oversaw the best stock market performances? Just for grins, let’s see what a “stock market Mount Rushmore” might look like.