Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

January 2015

January issue of KPFM

Cover Story

Investing Outlook, 2015

A conflicted bull market may be experiencing a late-life crisis, but it’s not headed for a total breakdown yet.


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From the Editor

The downside of easy money, by Janet Bodnar

U.S. Economy Pulling Away From Rest of the World

As more Americans find jobs, they’re willing to spend, priming the economy. Lower fuel and food prices are helping, too.

How to Make a Strong Case for a Raise

Hiring is up, wages not so much. Career strategist Cynthia Shapiro explains how to argue for a bigger paycheck.

How New-Home Buyers Negotiate Incentives

Builders are enticing buyers by offering lots of extras.

Subscription Gift Boxes: Surprising Value or Money Trap?

They can be a good buy—if you use the stuff that’s inside.

Will You Get Hit by a Medicare Hike?

We tell you how to avoid or reduce a premium surcharge.

Money & Ethics

Should parents' donations to public schools be limited?, by Knight Kiplinger

Opening Shot

My 10 top stock picks for 2015, by James K. Glassman

Success Story

A lawyer leaves the courtroom to start an online clothing business.


Income Investing

Income investors, don't fret about higher interest rates, by Jeffrey Kosnett

Cash in on the Breakup Binge

How to make money on corporate spin-offs -- and the companies doing the spinning.

The Best Stock Pickers You've Never Seen

The men who run the Primecap funds are so under the radar we couldn’t even find their pictures. And that’s just the way they want it.

Practical Investing

Tripped up by my biases, by Kathy Kristof

Promised Land

My six stock picks for 2015, by Andrew Feinberg

ETF Spotlight

The 20 top-performing ETFs -- and why you shouldn't buy them.

Kiplinger 25 Update

Why 2014 was a tough year for active fund managers.

Fund Spotlight

2020 target-date funds hang tough.


Why Social Security Isn't Going Away

Stephen Goss, chief actuary of the Social Security Administration, says voters will demand that Congress maintain -- and shore up -- Social Security.

6 Ways to Fix Social Security

Any eventual deal will be a blend of higher taxes and benefit cuts.

Mobile Wallets: A Smart Way to Pay?

Using your smartphone to store your credit card and bank information is convenient and secure, but don’t leave your wallet at home just yet.

Game Plan

Smart ways for high earners to contribute to Roth IRAs.

Make the Most of a Health Savings Account

It can help ease the pain of a high deductible on your health coverage.

Credit Cards: From Stripe to Chip

Look for cards that are paired with a PIN for an extra layer of security.


Housing Outlook, 2015

Prices in most cities are heading higher, but the eye-popping gains have mostly disappeared.

Drive Time

Best ways to sell your car, by Jessica Anderson

Screen Savers

Cracked screen? We found the most reliable ways to get your phone fixed.


6 things you must know about gift returns.

3 Simple Steps

Get rid of your old electronics.