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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

January 2012

January issue of KPFM

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Our Investing Outlook for 2012

U.S. stocks should beat bonds and foreign stocks, but intense volatility will continue.


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From the Editor

Advice for the small investor, by Janet Bodnar

Global Stocks Look Cheap But Risky

Europe controls the fate of international markets in 2012.

Interview: How to Zero in on the True Cost of College publisher Mark Kantrowitz says new calculators are a start, but results aren’t always reliable.

Money & Ethics

Don't make a deal you don’t intend to honor, by Knight Kiplinger

Online Communities Help Raise Start-Up Cash

Explain your idea, offer rewards to backers, get to work.

Higher Salaries Ahead in 2012

Raises will be higher, but you’ll have to work hard to earn one.

Real Money

An annuity provides peace of mind, but involves trade-offs.

Opening Shot

10 stock picks for 2012, by James K. Glassman

Your Mind Your Money

Can money make you happy? by Robert Frick


Our Investing Outlook for 2012

U.S. stocks should beat bonds and foreign stocks, but intense volatility will continue.

8 Stock Picks for 2012

For the year ahead, we like these large, high-quality companies that pay dividends.

6 Key Market Indicators to Watch

Keep an eye on these benchmarks to gauge where the market is headed next.

4 New Rules for Investors

Here are four tips for earning a decent return even if stocks stay in a funk for years.

Hedge-Fund Manager Lauren Templeton on How to Play This Market

A fund manager who learned from one of the greats says investors should make the most of “maximum pessimism.”

6 Great ETF Portfolios

Pick one of our exchange-traded fund portfolios to suit your goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk -- or mix and match.

Practical Investing

Columnist Kathy Kristof learned the hard way that smart investing requires discipline and patience.

Dump These Former Mutual Fund Stars?

One of these funds deserves another chance, but the other three have got to go.

Cash In Hand

Your guide to bond investing in 2012, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Apple: Still a Buy?

The company's recent earnings miss is not a reason to worry.

Kiplinger 25 Update

Harbor Bond, a Kiplinger 25 member, stumbled in 2011, but manager Bill Gross has reshaped the fund’s portfolio to put it in line with current trends.

A 10-Stock Portfolio

The Cook & Bynum Fund, a large blend fund, is off to a fine start. But its concentrated approach carries big risks.

Promised Land

My 4 stock picks for 2012, by Andrew Feinberg


How to Die Right

8 money-smart (and family-smart) steps to plan for end-of-life care and the transfer of your estate.

What’s Ahead for Home Prices in 2012

The bleeding is just about over. But don’t expect a speedy recovery.

Where to Score the Best Interest Rate on Your Savings

You can earn up to 2% and still sleep tight. Willing to take a risk? You could snag 4%.

Rethinking Retirement

Prepare for the retirement tax bite, by Mary Beth Franklin

New Rules for Light Bulbs Mean Lower Electric Bills

New rules target inefficient bulbs and promise lower electric bills.

New Rates for Social Security Benefits, Medicare Premiums in 2012

The first Social Security increase for inflation since 2009 is offset by a Medicare premium hike.

7 Best Free Money Apps

Keep tabs on your finances on the fly.

Ask Kim

Kim Lankford warns readers to watch out for balance transfer cards.

How to Break Up With Your Bank

Five steps to help you leave your current bank and start over somewhere else.


Health Care Bargains Abroad

Patients willing to pack their bags can find significant savings in far-flung locations.

A Fresh Look at Extended Warranties

Your tech toys are pricey and precious. What can you do to protect them?

The Lowdown

6 things you need to know about airline miles.

My Story

David Tice was famous for dire forecasts when he ran the Prudent Bear fund. Now, he's helped bankroll an uplifting Hollywood film.