9 Best Metaverse Stocks for the Future of Technology

With the market size for metaverse stocks expected to balloon by the end of this decade, these nine names are worth a closer look.

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The metaverse is expected to see impressive growth over the next several years, creating a considerable opportunity for those invested in the best metaverse stocks.

The concept of the metaverse is far from new. Science fiction author Neal Stephenson coined the term in 1992 in his novel, "Snow Crash." This would inspire many other stories and movies, such as Ernest Cline's "Ready Player One." Steven Spielberg turned this into a hit movie in 2018.

But the metaverse is really no longer about science fiction or Hollywood, rather it has become a reality. Consider that virtual reality (VR) headsets can provide realistic experiences in virtual worlds.

Don't count the metaverse out

True, the metaverse has presented challenges for some companies. Microsoft (MSFT), for instance, has reportedly shut down or pared back its metaverse initiatives to focus on artificial intelligence (AI).  And Walt Disney (DIS) closed its division that was focused on next-generation experiences, which included the metaverse. 

Despite all this, the metaverse should not be counted out. According to research from Contrive Datum Insights, the market is worth more than $50 billion and is forecast to reach $1.3 trillion by 2030. This works out to be a stunning 44.5% compound annual growth rate.

"We're convinced the Metaverse represents the next iteration of the internet," said Tejas Dessai, AVP and research analyst at Global X. "As users continue to spend more time online and as the broader economy gets digitized, consumer tech will have to evolve to service emerging user demands – creating room for deeper participation via immersive experiences, multi-modal input,and intuitive interfaces."

How we chose the best metaverse stocks

For investors, there are no pure-play metaverse operators. However, there are some companies that should get a boost from this technology. The key when choosing the best stocks to buy is to focus on those that are set to benefit the most from this new technology. 

With that in mind, here are eight of the best metaverse stocks and one exchange-traded fund. 


Data is as of May 12. Analysts' consensus recommendation courtesy of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Stocks listed in reverse order of analysts' consensus recommendation.

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