Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

November 2015

November issue of KPFM

Cover Story

How to Be a Better Investor

Use these strategies to stay cool, and even prosper, in uncertain markets.


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From the Editor

What people really want to know about Medicare, by Janet Bodnar

How to Measure the Impact of Your Charitable Donations

Apply the same due diligence to giving as you would to investing.

Why ETF Prices Tank in a Market Rout

Mispricing during the most recent "flash crash" underscores a risk of these funds.

Hotels Offer New Perks for Loyal Guests

They’re luring guests with wine tastings, art exhibits and even free Lego sets.

The Post Office Steps Up Delivery

Your letter carrier could be bringing you breakfast cereal and bread next.

More Companies Offering Special Employee Perks

But don’t pass up a competitor’s higher salary just to get on-site dry cleaning.

Money & Ethics

Is this lump-sum offer for future benefits ethical?, by Knight Kiplinger

Success Story

This young developer dropped out of college and turned down a job offer from Apple to build an app.

Rethinking Retirement

The benefits of retirement villages, by Jane Bennett Clark

Opening Shot

Crazy values, good stocks, by James K. Glassman


Promised Land

I’m shutting down my fund, by Andrew Feinberg

T. Rowe Price’s Best 401(k) Funds

Most of its popular retirement-plan funds are top-notch, thanks to experienced managers and a team culture.

3 Great Future Dividend Payers

These companies pay nothing now, but they have the cash to pony up plenty down the road.

Practical Investing

My four core tech stocks, by Kathy Kristof

Kiplinger ETF 20 Update

Trouble for Pimco Total Return Active ETF?

Income Investing

Why bond yields aren’t going up, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Kiplinger 25 Update

China's market collapse has pulled down the two Kip 25 funds that focus on emerging markets.

Fund Spotlight

This low-minimum, no-load managed futures fund is crushing the market.


Preserve the Family Money

Use these five strategies to keep your heirs from blowing their inheritance.

Game Plan

How to withdraw from your 401(k) in retirement.

Smart Ways to Pay Less for Dental Care

Use open enrollment as an opportunity to fill holes in your coverage.

Ask Kim

How to stop telemarketing calls, by Kimberly Lankford


6 Home Projects That Save Energy and Money

Trim your utility bill — and qualify for the generous renewable-energy federal tax credit.

Say Goodbye to Cell Phone Subsidies

You’ll pay retail for your smartphone, but you may save on your plan.


6 things you need to know about paying with cash.

Then and Now

NFL veteran Garrick Jones tackles a new career.