Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

November 2010

November issue of KPFM

Cover Story

You Can Profit in Today's Economy

5 critical trends and what they mean for your money.


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From The Editor

What ails the economy, by Janet Bodnar

Snub Stocks at Your Peril

Nervous investors are voting with their feet. We think you should sit tight.

Lessons From the Cheapskate Next Door

He's just like you and me, but he lives below his means.

Money & Ethics

Are parents necessarily on the hook for a lavish wedding?, by Knight Kiplinger

Get a Solar System on the Cheap

Skip the big upfront investment with a long-term lease.

More Reasons to Skip Savings Bonds

Uncle Sam wants you to buy Treasury bills instead.

Discovering Value

Investors torn between wanting safety and craving yield have created a market filled with wonderful opportunities both to own stocks and sell them short, by Whitney Tilson and John Heins

Opening Shot

Fashion trends can change overnight, so look for companies that have a keen sense of style, by James Glassman

Your Mind and Your Money

Understand how Jim Cramer pushes your emotional buttons and spurs you to make impulsive investment decisions, by Robert Frick


How to Profit in Today’s Economy: Tap Into Global Growth Through Emerging Markets

Invest in the developing world and the domestic companies that sell to them.

How to Profit in Today's Economy: New Jobs, New Skills

The best route to a rewarding career is to pick a growing field and stay flexible.

How to Profit in Today's Economy: The Debt Paradox

Amid record federal deficits, there are opportunities for investors and consumers.

How to Profit in Today's Economy: Hedge Your Bets on Prices

Spread your money among these investments to protect against inflation or deflation.

How to Profit in Today’s Economy: Rentals Surge, Homes Shrink

As the housing market resets, families take another look at whether they should buy.

Income Funds at a Discount

Our picks for closed-end stock and bond funds should appeal to yield-starved investors.

Green Stocks With a Bright Outlook

These four companies generate strong profits and can withstand the perils of the sector.

How to Cash in on IPOs

Most new issues are not exploding out of the gate. That’s a plus for long-term investors.

Mutual Funds

Consider buying once-great funds if they can pass these two important tests, by Russel Kinnel

This Fast-Moving Fund Scores Overseas

Marsico Flexible keeps cash handy to pounce on firms with rich prospects.

Cash in Hand

Great returns and high yields have brought master limited partnerships (MLPs) a lot of attention. But the spotlight may have a negative impact on the group's performance, by Jeffrey Kosnett


What Will Congress Do to Your Taxes?

Last-minute action – or inaction – may affect your year-end tax moves.

What It Takes to Get a Loan

Lenders loosen their grip, but your credit history will decide whether you get a mortgage, car loan or credit card.

Ease the Pain of Higher Health-Care Costs

What to do when your boss asks you to shoulder more of the burden.

Downsize Me

Declutter your basement or garage, clear your conscience and maybe make a few bucks.

7 Myths About Roth IRA Conversions

Some “expert” advice about whether you should switch is simply wrong.

Update Your Medicare Game Plan

Act now. Big policy changes mean you could save money by rethinking your choices.

Ask Kim

Kimberly Lankford tells how to cash in on the energy-efficiency tax credit before it expires.

Social Security Payback Option May Disappear

A proposed rule would eliminate the chance to hike benefits via the “do-over” strategy. It’s not for everybody. But consider your options now.

Depositors Get a Permanent Raise

If you have checking and savings accounts at the same institution, you are covered as long as the total of your balances does not exceed $250,000.


Retool Your Career

Train for a new profession or launch a business with help from Uncle Sam.

7 Technologies to Survive an Extended Power Outage

When disaster strikes and the grid crashes, candles will only get you so far.

Drive Time

It’s a good time to lease a car, by Jessica Anderson

What You Need to Know About Duty-Free

Liquor and tobacco are still the best buys.

My Story

Rita Gelman gave away her possessions and left Los Angeles to roam the world on a shoestring. Twenty-four years later, she’s still a free spirit.