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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

October 2019

October issue of KPFM

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Live Well Without Running Out of Money

These money-generating tactics will help retirement savers enjoy their Golden Years without stressing over cash.


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From the Editor

The best broker for you depends on what’s important to you.

Market Volatility: Get Used to It

The second pullback of 2019 is probably not the end of the bull market.

Another Plus for High-Deductible Plans

New rules for plans with health savings accounts could trim your out-of-pocket costs.

Protecting Your Privacy in the Wake of FaceApp

Revelations about FaceApp have rekindled debate over how to protect your data.

The Disappointing Equifax Settlement

The average payout will be far less than $125. But you may be reimbursed for other costs.

Resort Fees: No Day at the Beach

Lawsuits may force hotels to make costs more transparent.

Why Stocks Belong in a Roth IRA

Holding stocks in a Roth IRA makes the most of this tax-free account’s features.

What Being an 'Authorized User' Does to Your Credit Score

An adult child’s credit score may dip–or even rise–after he or she is removed as an authorized user of a parent's credit card.

HSA Investing When You’re Retired

Older savers should revisit the investment mix in their health savings account as their tolerance for risk falls and their health care spending rises.

Pushing the FDIC $250,000 Limit

If your bank or credit union balance exceeds the limit, you can still be covered by FDIC insurance with planning.


How to Pick the Online Broker That’s Best for You

No broker can hit the bull’s-eye for every type of client. Use our results to find the best one for you

Fund Watch

Low-vol funds can help you ride out the ups and downs of foreign markets.

Betting on Stocks Down Under

With their sound fundamentals and enticing yields, Australian stocks make logical additions to any portfolio.

Time to Invest in Gold?

Stock market volatility has given investors gold fever. If you chase the rally, don’t overdo it.

Money Smart Women

You don’t have to be an expert. Start with your employer’s retirement savings plan.

T. Rowe Price Value Has an Eye for High-Quality Bargains

Manager Mark Finn made some wise purchases of beaten-down stocks in late 2018, including Air Products & Chemicals.

A REIT Fund Checks Out of Hotels

Real estate stocks are sizzling. But TIAA-CREF Real Estate Securities is playing defense.


Battle the Credit Bureaus and Win

Whether you’re contesting an error or combating fraud, use our guide to give yourself the best shot at success.

Beware Dark Patterns on the Web

These sites are designed to steer or coerce people into making unintended decisions.

Don't Get Burned by Falling Rates

The Federal Reserve’s latest rate cuts mean some savers will have to think outside-the-box when it comes to stashing their cash.


Live Well Without Running Out of Money Retirement

These money-generating tactics will help retirement savers enjoy their Golden Years without stressing over cash.

Retired and Single: Readers Weigh In

Retired life as a single person doesn’t have to be lonesome. Finding hobbies that require you to socialize can make all the difference.


Drowning in Streaming Fees

With so many options to stream TV, movies and other programs, you could pay as much as you did for cable. Use our tips to save money and find the best services for you.

Is Your Vacation Destination Safe?

Check out travel advisories before you book to get the real scoop on the risks you'll face.

How to Complain and Get Results

Impersonal customer service makes it hard to get help. Here’s the script for success.

Giving to Charity on a Budget

Don’t forget that your time has value, too. Volunteering is the best way to see if you like how the charity is run.

Practical Investing

Giving your broker the right order can help you get the best price.