Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

September 2016

September issue of KPFM

Cover Story

45 Fast Financial Fixes

Cut your cable bill. Get a better rewards card. Set up a budget. Plus 42 more! It’s amazing what you can do in just a few minutes.


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From the Editor

What investors should do in today's market, by Janet Bodnar

What Brexit Means for U.S. Investors

How to take advantage of opportunities in volatile markets.

States Jump into the IRA Business

New retirement savings plans are aimed at workers without access to a 401(k).

New Strategies to Get More Financial Aid

An earlier timeline could mean changing the way you manage income and assets.

3 Surprising Amenities You Might Soon Find at Your Grocery Store

Spa services, fitness classes and more await your next food shopping trip.

Travel Apps That Offer Real-Time Access to Travel Agents

A handful of high-tech services aim to provide personalized advice.

Money & Ethics

How much notice should you give your boss when you quit?, by Knight Kiplinger

Money Smart Women

How men and women think differently about money.

Opening Shot

Alternative investments to replace bonds in your portfolio, by James K. Glassman

Success Story

This mother-daughter combo patented a barrette and forged a family partnership.


6 Great Mutual Funds for Value Investors

These funds will benefit from the shift away from growth and toward value stocks.

Why You Should Buy Bonds on Your Own

Investing in individual debt securities has advantages over funds. We show you how to do it.

Best ETFs for Your Investment Portfolios

We mixed and matched our 20 favorite exchange-traded funds to create four model portfolios to suit most investors' needs.

The Kiplinger ETF 20 Update

A year after launching the Kiplinger ETF 20, it’s time for some changes.

Income Investing

My three-day rule, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

5 REITs to Buy Now for Income and Growth

These real estate investment trusts offer above-average yields and could deliver appreciation, too. Plus, four funds to get into real estate.

Fund Spotlight

North Star Dividend Fund has chalked up solid results by investing in micro-cap stocks.


45 Fast Financial Fixes

Cut your cable bill. Get a better rewards card. Set up a budget. Plus 42 more! It’s amazing what you can do in just a few minutes.

Ask Kim

Tax deductions for volunteers, by Kimberly Lankford

Financial Planning for Special-Needs Children

A patchwork of benefits and programs can help relieve the crushing costs, but planning for the long term is essential, too.

6 Tax-Smart Ways to Lower Your RMDs in Retirement

The key to avoiding a big tax bill is to start planning for RMDs well before your 70th birthday.

Rethinking Retirement

How to retire in harmony, by Jane Bennett Clark

4 Ways to Disaster-Proof Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Make sure your home is covered before disaster strikes.

The Etiquette of Fundraising

Follow our advice to give generously, or fund-raise for a cause dear to you, without stretching anyone’s limits.

3 Great Credit Cards for Small Businesses

If you run a shop, check out these credits cards for small businesses to separate your personal and business spending.


How to Travel by Tour and See the World

From the beaches of Samoa to the palaces of India, these excursions include all the arrangements and offer as much hand-holding as you want.

Drive Time

Buy a used car online without haggling, by David Muhlbaum


6 things you must know about home remodeling.

Then and Now

The city of Stockton comes back from the brink.