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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

April 2011

April issue of KPFM

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How They Did It: Real-Life Stories of Financial Success

Learn how to build a million-dollar business and reach other money milestones


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From The Editor

Financial literacy isn't just for kids, by Janet Bodnar

Consumers Cozy Up to Currency

More people favor cash and pay-as-you-go debit cards.

Giving Kids a Head-Start on Financial Success

First, learn the basics. Then set a good example for your children.

Money & Ethics

Are unpaid interns exploited by employers?, by Knight Kiplinger

3 Companies That Will Benefit from Women’s Growing Purchasing Power

Investors, take note: Women held up better than men through the recession and are better-positioned to help drive the economic rebound.

Fewer Discounts on Cell-Phone Renewals

Phone subsidies are disappearing, but you can still find a bargain.

Go to More Ballgames -- on the Cheap

Go on weekdays, pack a lunch (but, alas, no beer) and you'll save big.

My Point of View

Dow 36,000 revisited, by Knight Kiplinger

Discovering Value

Why Microsoft is a smarter investment than Apple these days, by Whitney Tilson and John Heins

Opening Shot

Buy munis, but carefully, by James Glassman

Your Mind & Your Money

Limit the fluctuating market’s affect on your investing habits, by Robert Frick

Real Money

Our reader has the enviable problem of saving so much he doesn't know what to do with it all. We help him prioritize.


Get Dividends Every Month

We found a dozen great stocks with a payment schedule that will line your pockets with cash all year.

Earn Dividends from Preferred Stocks

Yields are superb, but these investments are riskier and more complex than you may think.

Earn Dividends from Convertible Bonds

These hybrids deliver solid income and let you benefit from gains in the issuer’s stock.

3 Higher-Risk, Higher-Reward Ways to Earn Dividends

Get tasty yields from a smorgasbord of investments, from tankers to trusts.

5 ETFs for the Dividend Investor

Put more cash in your pocket with these dividend-focused ETFs.

Apple: The Core of Every Portfolio?

Even without Steve Jobs, the earnings outlook is terrific for at least two more years.

Going Long

With large budget deficits, our country's top-notch bond rating risks being downgraded, by Jeremy J. Siegel

6 Stocks to Sell Now?

These companies look ripe for a fall.

Is Permanent Portfolio a Fleeting Success?

The fund is hot, but its focus on gold and Treasury bonds could turn it into a laggard.

Cash in Hand

Now is a good time to sell long-term bond funds and look for alternative sources of income, by Jeffrey Kosnett

Where a Top Fund Manager Is Finding Opportunities

Will Danoff, the manager of Fidelity Contrafund, favors the technology sector and companies that capitalize on emerging markets.

A Higher Standard for Brokers – But Not Yet

Like investment advisers, they’ll have to put the best interest of clients first.

Cambiar Aggressive Value: A Small Fund With Big Gains

This so-called large-company value fund scores with a concentrated global strategy.

Mutual Funds

One-stop global funds, by Russel Kinnel


30 Ways to Cut Health-Care Costs

Pay the lowest price without sacrificing quality care.

Maximize Your Tax Refund

We help you uncover all the breaks you might not find on your own.

How to Appeal Your Property-Tax Bill

A well-researched appeal can slash your property tax bill.

Earn a Degree Overseas

Get a first-rate education for less than the price of many U.S. private schools.

5 Sneaky Fees -- and How to Avoid Them

Ship your bags and buy tickets through the box office.

Southwest’s Less-Rapid Rewards

Say goodbye to the simplicity of the old frequent-flier program.

Ask Kim

Kimberly Lankford explains why you should take a pass on Treasury inflation-protected securities.

Give the Brush-Off to Bump-Up CDs

There's a catch to CDs that let you take advantage of rising rates.


9 Projects to Spruce Up Your House

Our spring fixes for $1,000 or less will declutter your home and add style and value.

Drive Time: Get the Best for Less

Take a look at four pairs of 2011 models that are substantially alike -- except one is the gold standard, the other a value choice, by Jessica Anderson

HDTV Meets the Web

New apps stream movies and music, and let you shop eBay from your couch.

The Lowdown

What you need to know about online shopping traps, by Cameron Huddleston

Exercise That Really Pays Off

Yifan Zhang of Boston and a fellow Harvard grad launched Gym-Pact, which uses "motivational fees" to prod club members to work out more often.