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Kristian L. Finfrock, Investment Adviser

Founder, Retirement Income Strategies

7 E. Main Street, Suite 6
Evansville, WI 53536
Phone: 608.208.1800
Fax: 866.225.5801

Kristian L. Finfrock is the founder of and a financial adviser at Retirement Income Strategies. He is an Investment Adviser Representative of Kalos Capital and a licensed insurance professional. In his current practice at Retirement Income Strategies, Finfrock and his team help retirees, affluent individuals and business clients establish sophisticated yet easy-to-understand solutions for helping protect and preserve wealth while minimizing tax exposure. He resides in Evansville, Wisconsin, with his two daughters. He is also the radio show host of the "Madison Money Guy."

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Building Wealth
February 2019

How to Survive the 'Retirement Red Zone'

For those people nearing retirement or who have just retired, the best offense is a good defense. With today's volatile stock market, that advice is more important than ever.

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Building Wealth
July 2018

With Taxes on Sale, Consider a Roth Conversion to Make the Most of Lower Rates

Judging whether you’re a good candidate for a Roth IRA conversion requires some thought, but if you answer yes to these three questions, it could be worth considering.

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March 2018

Have You Outgrown Your Financial Professional?

Your needs change the closer you get to retirement, so even if you have a great financial adviser, the relationship may no longer be a good fit. How to tell when it's time to move on.

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Building Wealth
October 2017

5 Things Not to Do When Planning Your Retirement

Sometimes a "to-don't" list is more helpful than a to-do list. Here are five mistakes that many people make when thinking about retirement.

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Building Wealth
December 2016

Alternative Investments for Your Portfolio

Beyond traditional mutual funds, stocks and bonds, you can find greater income and lower volatility.

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