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Ann Vanderslice, RFC, Investment Adviser

President and CEO, Retirement Planning Strategies

Phone: 303.922.4304

Ann Vanderslice (, president and CEO of Retirement Planning Strategies, focuses on helping federal employees understand and optimize the value of their benefits and plan for retirement. Vanderslice holds a Registered Financial Consultant designation from the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, is an Investment Adviser Representative and a licensed insurance professional. She is the author of "FedTelligence 2.0: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Federal Benefits."

Latest Features

Building Wealth
August 2017

Should You Put Your Countdown to Retirement on Hold?

Federal employees have a lot to gain (how's $10,000 more per year in retirement sound?) by sticking it out until age 66.

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Building Wealth
May 2017

Federal Employees: Don't Panic About Changes

From a hiring freeze to possibly shrinking retirement and health care benefits, the future holds some uncertainty. However, most of these changes are manageable.

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Building Wealth
September 2016

Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance

Certain Federal workers are facing a big hike in long-term care premiums. Stay calm and explore other options.

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