10 Solid Social Distancing Stocks to Buy

Many of us probably weren't even aware of the concept of social distancing until the past couple of months.

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Many of us probably weren't even aware of the concept of social distancing until the past couple of months. Sadly, it has been necessarily used so often during the coronavirus outbreak, we'd all be blasphemously rich if we got a dollar every time it was mentioned.

Social distancing, of course, is the practice of keeping physical distance from other people – typically to slow down a pandemic like the current COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak – through measures such as schools suspending classes, offices having employees work from home and people avoiding mass gatherings. And, as opportunities arise from almost any sea change, a few "social distancing stocks" stand to benefit from this trend.

Many global economies will pay dearly to stop this coronavirus. That puts us, as investors, in uncharted territory. Warren Buffett says to be greedy when others are fearful, but it's difficult to do that when all stocks look like losing propositions.

That said, with the S&P 500 down almost 30% (including dividends) in the past month, the time to sell has likely passed for most investors. You could go to cash to ride out the coronavirus and the recession that's likely to follow. However, during the recession of 2008, many people got out of the markets and never got back in. So if you want to stay in, it might be worth hitching your wagon to stocks that stand to benefit from the new social rules.

Here are 10 social distancing stocks to buy. All of them are at least set up to outperform for as long as social distancing is necessary – and some of them could be worthwhile holdings for much longer after that.


Data is as of March 16. Analyst opinion data from The Wall Street Journal.

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