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25 Best Stocks for 2015


The bull market may have more room to run in 2015, but it will do so erratically. So while we still see gains for stocks, they won't be as across-the-board as they were in 2014.

Returns in 2015 will depend on selecting the right companies in the right markets. Take a look at our 25 picks, culled from Kiplinger's investing editors and columnists James K. Glassman and Andrew Feinberg.

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52-week high/low prices, projected earnings and annual revenues as of Nov. 24. Other data as of Oct. 31. Analyst estimates are provided by Thomson Reuters. James K. Glassman, who writes the Opening Shot column, is a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Andrew Feinberg, author of our Promised Land column, manages New York-based hedge fund CJA Partners.


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