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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

May 2019

May issue of KPFM

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How to Make a Million (or More!)

These success stories have in common passion, persistence and a vision for what wealth can achieve.


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From the Editor

Back in 2016, Kiplinger editor Mark Solheim became a victim of identity theft. He recounts the defense he's been putting up since.

Shareholders Shake Things Up This Proxy Season

Hot-button issues this year include climate change and board diversity.

Personal Finance Lessons From a NFL Pro

NFL linebacker Brandon Copeland shares his money playbook with friends, family and students.

Watch for Student Loan Errors

Some loan servicers may be dropping the ball on keeping you up-to-date on how much you may owe.

How to Right Size Next Year's Tax Return

Adjust your W-4 form to avoid an unpleasant surprise when you file your 2019 return.

Zillow Moves to Improve Home Price Estimates

The first free online home pricing site aims to tweak its accuracy and avoid unrealistic expectations of homeowners.

Millennial Money

In 18 years, attending an in-state public college for four years will likely cost a total of about $233,000. It’s a daunting prospect.

Money Smart Women

When parents talk to their kids about money, they often speak differently to their sons and daughters.

Opening Shot

Dividends are probably the best indicator of the health of a business. You can manipulate earnings per share, but you can’t fake cash.


How to Make a Million Dollars

Four success stories — and guidance on how you, too, could reach this milestone.

Identity Theft: Act Now to Protect Yourself

Identity thieves are more skilled at their nefarious craft than ever.

When It Pays to Buy Travel Insurance

Investing in travel insurance can help recover some costs when your vacation gets ruined by a natural disaster, medical emergency or other catastrophe.

Repaying a 401(k) Loan

If you leave your job while you have an outstanding 401(k) loan, Uncle Sam now gives you extra time to repay it -- thanks to the new tax law.

Custodial Accounts and Coming of Age

Before your child turns 18, you should check with your broker about the account's age of majority and termination.

It's Easier to Rent a Car With a Debit Card

At Dollar Car Rental and Thrifty Car Rental, you now face fewer requirements to rent using a debit rather than a credit card. And the hold on a renter’s bank account dropped from $350 to $200.


The Kiplinger 25: The Best Low-Fee Mutual Funds to Buy Now

We’ve been putting together a list of our favorite no-load mutual funds since 2004, drawing on the broad experience of our editors.

Stocks That Will Have You Investing Like Buffett

These stocks are all high-quality stocks with rock-solid balance sheets, strong competitive advantages, prodigious cash generation or the power to raise prices, even in tough times.


Ways to Make Your Home More Age-Friendly

If it’s time to renovate, consider moves that will keep you in your house longer.

How to Build a Website

With these inexpensive tools, it’s easy to create your own site.