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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

May 2018

May issue of KPFM

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Find the Right Financial Advice at the Right Price

Sorting through the alphabet soup of financial adviser credentials and opaque fee structures can be daunting. We shopped around to see how you can find the best fit for you.


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From the Editor

Despite being a money expert himself, Kiplinger editor Mark Solheim found the advice industry to be a labyrinth of credentials and opaque fee structures when he went looking for financial guidance from the pros.

The Long-Term-Care Insurance Dilemma

Premiums keep rising, but you may need a policy more than ever.

Do Consumer Boycotts Affect Stocks?

If history is a guide, gun control advocates and opponents will cancel each other out.

Investors Get Details on CEO Pay

Companies must disclose how much CEOs earn versus the rank and file.

More Choices for Solo Workers

Unlimited monthly access usually ranges from about $300 to $500 and includes a slew of amenities.

Sidestep Home Equity Rate Creep

You may be able to rein in your loan payments before they go up.

Money & Ethics

Knight Kiplinger offers his advice on how companies can improve their handling of harassment problems.

Upscale Home Options, Travelers Who Prefer Rentals

Travelers who want more than a couch to sleep on have new options.

Opening Shot

Investors are just realizing that you don’t earn an average of 10% annually without taking some risk and suffering some pain.

Millennial Money

Fraudsters are using payment apps such as Paypal and Zelle to trick you out of your money.

Money Smart Women

In addition to your credit, any assets you bring to the marriage should remain in your own name.


How to Vet a Financial Adviser

Be sure to interview a few options and check into their backgrounds before hiring someone.

What You Must Know About the Fiduciary Rule for Financial Pros

Be sure your financial pro is looking out for your best interest.

Early Alert Systems for Identity Theft

A number of services promise to notify you if you are a victim of credit fraud. But you'll pay a hefty fee.

DIY Solutions for Identity Security

Here's how to keep your credit intact without breaking the bank.

Ask Kim

If you (or your teenager) often drop or misplace your cell phone, it may be worth it to buy coverage along with the phone.

Sidestep Home Equity Rate Creep

You may be able to rein in your loan payments before they go up.

Smart Ways to Manage Your Student Loans

You could consolidate or refinance to lower your payments, but some options will increase your overall costs or eliminate federal loan safeguards.

Juicier Yields on Money Funds

Beware, however: They are not protected from losses by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.


The Kiplinger 25 Funds Are On Track

Our actively managed funds turned in mixed results over the past year. But they are in the race for the long haul.

Stocks Warren Buffett Is Buying and Selling Now

What's Warren Buffet up to lately? Berkshire Hathaway's latest 13F shows a brand-new top holding in the Oracle of Omaha's collection of stocks

Build an Income Ladder

Our four portfolios will help you harness higher interest rates.

Practical Investing

It isn’t just the shopping experience that has sold me on the stock. I also love how Costco runs its business.

Fund Watch

Vanguard Star Fund takes a big bite of bonds to provide some calm.


Trim the Cost of Pet Care

Your furry friends can run up a big tab over their lifetime, but we'll show you how to keep expenses in check.

Drive Time

Look for two- to three-year-old used vehicles because they’ve already lost the lion’s share of their initial value.

Get More Value From Your Travel Rewards Points

Use these strategies to unlock more value when you book award tickets.