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February 2019

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Countdown to Retirement

For a smooth ride to retirement, take these financial steps when you have 10 years, five years and one year to go.


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From the Editor

Gen Xers’ net worth was damaged more than that of other generations during the Great Recession.

Falling Stocks Can Ding the Economy

Market corrections cause consumers to keep a tighter grip on their wallets.

Vetting a Broker Is Harder Than It Looks

A lot of negative information is expunged from popular search tool BrokerCheck.

ID Thieves Exploit Snail Mail

A new mail tracking service provided by the United States Postal Service has a loophole that ID thieves can take advantage of.

Investing in an HSA? Better Shop Around

Health savings accounts are a great way to save long term, but high fees can hurt returns.

Deferred-rate Cards Can Be a Ticking Time Bomb

Pay off deferred-rate cards before the low rate expires.

Opening Shot

If nothing serious has gone wrong with a company, consider a stock decline a buying opportunity.

Rethinking Retirement

Retirees who have a financial plan feel more at ease about opening their wallets.


Countdown to Retirement

For a smooth ride to retirement, take these financial steps when you have 10 years, five years and one year to go.

Moving in Retirement? Don’t Overlook State Taxes

We’ve identified the states where the total tax bill is highest and lowest.

Saving for Retirement: How Do You Stack Up?

A new poll conducted by Kiplinger's and Personal Capital reveals Americans are serious about preparing for retirement. See how your savings -- and confidence level -- measure up.

Millennial Money

The Millennial Monopoly game plays into millennial stereotypes, but in reality we’re not much different than other generations.

Ask Kim

Make sure you have enough insurance to cover the full cost of rebuilding your home after a fire or other catastrophe.

Ask Kim

A virtual doctor’s visit can cost far less than an in-person doctor visit or a trip to the emergency room.

Ask Kim

If you haven't yet reached full retirement age and have returned to the workforce, expect for your benefits to be reduced.

Ask Kim

Think twice about getting renter’s insurance from your landlord. You may be able find a cheaper policy elsewhere.

Generation X: Time Is on Your Side for Retirement

This often-overlooked demographic got a late start on saving and endured the Great Recession, but most are on the road to recovery.

How Much Umbrella Insurance Do You Need?

Having too much liability insurance is better than having too little. And it’s affordable.

New Perks for a Top Rewards Card

The Capital One Venture Visa card gets even better with enhanced travel benefits.


The Bond Fund Rock Star

DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Gundlach is the fixed-income guru you’ve probably never heard of. But you should listen to what he says.

Quiz: How Smart a Bond Investor Are You?

Bonds are complex creatures, and there’s a lot more to know than the current interest rate on a Treasury bond or the name of a big bond fund.

Stock Watch

Some investors are high on these stocks. But the prospects for cannabis companies are hazy.

Lower Your Expectations for Returns Over the Next Decade

The best you can hope for from stocks is modest gains. The solution? Save more.

Practical Investing

Apple’s share price has gotten pummeled lately, but its business still has staying power.

Stock Watch

As tech meltdowns go, the recent one is tame. We think a couple of titans may be worth buying now.

Income Investing

The BBB-rated debt tier is increasingly populated by iconic but risky outfits you might not want to finance now.

Fund Watch

This member of the Kiplinger 25 -- the collection of our favorite no-load mutual funds -- has had a bumpy year, but managed to do a bit better than its benchmark.

Fund Watch

Smead Value looks for a few high-quality stocks at bargain prices.


The Traveler’s Guide to Home Sharing

Whether you’re new to short-term rentals or an old hand, you can improve your experience by following these tips.

Keep Data Safe in the Cloud

Internet-based services to back up and store files and photos are inexpensive.

Drive Time

A number of insurers offer discounts for good grades or completing a defensive driving course, but the price of covering teens remains high.