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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

January 2017

January issue of KPFM

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Where to Invest in 2017

The bull market is likely to celebrate its eighth birthday under the Trump presidency, but gains will again be middling.


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From the Editor

Is a bear on the prowl?, by Janet Bodnar

State Taxes Spiral Upward

Hiking sales levies is a top way states aim to close budget gaps.

Mortgage Outlook: Mostly Good News

Interest rates could rise, but down payments are manageable.

Time to Stock Up at the Grocery Store

Eggs, meat, coffee and cheese are cheaper thanks to bumper crops and low fuel prices.

Give the Gift of College

Instead of giving kids toys and video games, open a 529 college savings plan or student loan savings account for them and contribute to it.

Savers Get a Break on IRA Rollovers

Missed the deadline? The IRS may cut you some slack.

Money & Ethics

Should casinos court senior citizens?, by Knight Kiplinger

How to Get Discounts at Disney World

We tell you how to make your visit less expensive and more magical.

Money Smart Women

Women who are blazing a trail in finance, by Janet Bodnar

Opening Shot

10 stock picks for 2017, by James K. Glassman

Success Story

Komal Ahmad's app connects food purveyors with groups that make good use of excess food.


How to Save If You Don't Have a 401(k)

You may have options that are nearly as attractive -- but you'll play by a different set of rules.

Break the Cycle of Recurring Subscription Fees

These apps track your regular monthly charges, and a couple will even cancel those you don't want.

Rethinking Retirement

Avoid Social Security screwups, by Jane Bennett Clark

7 Budgeting Tools to Get Your Finances in Order

Choose a website or mobile app that suits your personality, and you're likely to stick with your plan.

Amazon's Alexa Is at Your Command

A virtual personal assistant is like a genie you can summon 24/7.

Drive Time

How to get a great deal on a lease, by David Muhlbaum

Ask Kim

What you should know about brokerage account fraud protection, by Kimberly Lankford

Mobile Check Deposit: Give It a Shot

Mobile check deposit is catching on. In the past year, one in three Americans submitted a check to their bank account using a smartphone or other device.


Where to Invest in 2017

The bull market is likely to celebrate its eighth birthday under the Trump presidency, but gains will again be middling.

Income Investing

You'll still make money in bonds in 2017, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

8 Stocks to Buy Now for 2017

We lean toward large companies, but our top picks also include two small caps.

Best Places to Get Investment Advice

Our favorite websites, blogs and newsletters for recommendations about stocks, bonds, funds and more.

The Kiplinger 25 Update

A new dividend fund joins the Kiplinger 25.

Practical Investing

My portfolio's uninvited guests, by Kathy Kristof

Fund Fee Wars Heat Up

Expense ratios for some funds are rapidly approaching zero.

Lend Online and Earn Up to 11%

Peer-to-peer lending can deliver generous returns, but youíll be taking on a lot of risk.

The Kiplinger ETF 20 Update

An investment poised to benefit from infrastructure spending.

Fund Spotlight

Get a 6.5% yield with a stew of junk bonds.


Travel Abroad for Low-Cost Care

You could save money on cosmetic surgery, dental procedures and other treatments by traveling to another country.

Patients Get the Personal Touch

You'll get more face time with your doctor if you're willing to pay a monthly or annual fee.

Build a Home Gym You'll Actually Use

Discover how to plan your workout program and choose the right machines for you.

Then & Now

We caught up with a crowdfunding success story to see how his business has grown.