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Eleanor Laise

Senior Editor
Kiplinger's Retirement Report

Laise covers retirement issues ranging from income investing and pension plans to long-term care and estate planning. She joined Kiplinger in 2011 from the Wall Street Journal, where as a staff reporter she covered mutual funds, retirement plans and other personal finance topics. Laise was previously a senior writer at SmartMoney magazine. She started her journalism career at Bloomberg Personal Finance magazine and holds a BA in English from Columbia University.

Latest Features

Saving for Retirement
April 2018

When to Choose a Fee-Based Account for Your Retirement Savings

The decision depends on the level of the fee, what services are included, how often you trade and any hidden costs that may eat into your balance.

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April 2018

Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: Ill Health Often Leads to Plan Switch

The drawbacks of Medicare Advantage plans can become apparent when serious illness or injury strikes.

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Making Your Money Last
April 2018

Simple Strategy to Spend Safely in Retirement

Delaying Social Security and using RMD rules to draw down your nest egg is a winning combination for middle-income retirees.

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Estate Planning
April 2018

Devise a Plan for Your Digital Assets

Why you should decide the fate of your email, Facebook and other online accounts.

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March 2018

Senior Scams: A 'New Friend' May Signal a Big Problem

From lavish spending to social withdrawal, what to look for to ensure an aging loved one isn't a victim of elder financial abuse.

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February 2018

7 Ways to Maximize Medicare Benefits

Medicare is vital to the health of nearly 60 million Americans. Yet many of its benefits are overlooked, underused or misunderstood. Consider the annual "wellness" visit, during which a doctor will ...

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Fund Watch
February 2018

Boost the Returns on Your Cash in Retirement

Safe places to stash your cash, from money market funds to stable value funds, are yielding more than they have in years. It pays for retirees to look around.

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Stock Watch
February 2018

Look to Small-Cap Dividend Payers in Retirement

Smaller stocks paying dividends are generally more mature and profitable, a welcome find for retirees in search of new sources of investing income in retirement.

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Making Your Money Last
January 2018

Retirees, Break Free From Low Yields

Bond funds took in about $201.9 billion in net new money in the first nine months of this year. That’s 64% more than in the same period for 2016.

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Student Loans
December 2017

Keep Student Loans From Strangling Your Retirement Plans

Understand your options for handling student debt.

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November 2017

Fee-Based Annuities May Not Be Your Best Bet

New rule is already having a significant impact on how investors pay for investment products and advice.

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Health Care & Insurance
November 2017

Doors Now Open For ACA Enrollment

If you're planning to enroll in a marketplace Obamacare plan for 2018, be ready for a shorter sign-up period, higher premiums and other changes.

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Health Care & Insurance
October 2017

Medicaid Annuities Help Protect Savings

A tactic to prevent unexpected nursing home care from evaporating the family nest egg.

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Stocks & Bonds
October 2017

Is Your Retirement Portfolio Truly Diversified?

Retirees, make sure your bond holdings aren't riskier than you think.

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Life Insurance
September 2017

Retirees, Schedule an Insurance Audit

Pull out your policies and sharpen your pencil: It's time to plug the leaks and find stronger, cheaper insurance coverage.

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Stock Watch
August 2017

A Winning Recipe for Picking Dividend Stocks

Look for stocks –- we pick four of them here -- that boast a powerful combination of generous dividend yield, strong dividend growth and low payout ratio.

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August 2017

Retirees, Rebalance Your Portfolio Even as This Bull Market Keeps Running

If you don't rebalance, your stock allocation may grow far beyond your comfort zone, setting you up for unpleasant surprises in a market downturn.

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