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Matthew Housiaux

The Kiplinger Letter

Housiaux covers the White House and state and local government for The Kiplinger Letter. Before joining Kiplinger in June 2016, he lived in Sioux Falls, SD, where he was the forum editor of Augustana University's student newspaper, the Mirror. He also contributed stories to the Borgen Project, a Seattle-based nonprofit focused on raising awareness of global poverty. He earned a B.A. in history and journalism from Augustana University.

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Washington Matters
July 2016

Nuclear Challenges Loom for Trump or Clinton

No matter who wins the White House, North Korea and Iran will test U.S. policy, diplomacy.

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Washington Matters
July 2016

Big Changes for Social Security? Don't Hold Your Breath

Proposals from Clinton and Trump will be helpful in shaping reform down the road.

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March 2016

Surprising Places To Find Robots

Robots working in factories, on the battle field, in hostage situations and in many other places are commonplace today. (See all the robots Kiplinger has introduced you to in years past—in 6 Fields Where ...

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