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Alan E. Becker, Investment Adviser

Founder, President and CEO , Retirement Solutions Group

Alfie Tounjian, CFP, Investment Adviser

Founder & President , Advantage Retirement Group

Ali Swofford, PhD, CLU, ChFC

President , Swofford Financial

Alison Peck, CFA

President , Peck Wealth Management, LLC

Allen Neuenschwander, CPA, CFP

Founder & Principal , Outlook Wealth Advisors, LLC

Andre Korogodon

Registered Principal , Cantella & Co., Inc.

Andrea Browne Taylor

Online Editor ,

Andrew Bass, CPA, CWM, PFS

Chief Wealth Officer , Telemus

Andrew Feinberg

Contributing Columnist , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Andrew Fisher, CFA, CPA

President , Worldview Wealth Advisors

Andrew M. Costa

Managing Director and Co-Founder , Global Wealth Management

Andrew McNair, Investment Adviser

President , SWAN Capital

Andy Burdsall, Investment Adviser

President , Riverbend Financial Group

Anjelica Tan

Reporter , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Ann Vanderslice, RFC, Investment Adviser

President and CEO , Retirement Planning Strategies

Anne Kates Smith

Senior Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Anthony Pellegrino, Registered Investment Adviser

Founder , Goldstone Financial Group

Ari Fischman, CFP®

Principal , Fischman Insurance Group

Ash Toumayants, Investment Adviser Rep

President and Founder , Strong Tower Associates

Barbara Hoch Marcus

Managing Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Barbara Shapiro, EDM2, MSF, CFP, CFS, CMC, CDFA, CeFT

President , HMS Financial Group

Ben Schrock, Investment Adviser Representative

President , B.A. Schrock Financial Group

Bill DeShurko, RIA

Registered Investment Advisor , 401 Advisor, LLC

Bill Smith, RFC

CEO , W.A. Smith Financial Group

Blake Morris, Certified Financial Planner

Partner , The Lloyd Group Inc.

Bob Niedt

Online Editor ,

Brad Rosley, CFP

President , Fortune Financial Group (FFG)

Bradford M. Pine

Wealth Adviser , Bradford Pine Wealth Group

Bradley White, CFP™, IAR

Vice President , Epstein and White Retirement Income Solutions

Brent M. Wilsey, Registered Investment Adviser

President , Wilsey Asset Management

Brian Evans, CPA, PFS

Owner , Madrona Financial Services

Brian Vnak, CFP, CPA

Vice President, Integrated Advice , Wealth Enhancement Group

Bruce S. Udell, ChFC, CLU, MCEP

President , Udell Associates

Bryan Koslow, MBA, CFP®, CPA, PFS, CDFA™

Founder & President , Clarus Financial Inc.

Bryan S. Slovon, Investment Adviser

Founder and CEO , Stuart Financial Group

C. Grant Conness

Investment Adviser Representative , Global Wealth Management

Cameron Huddleston

Online Editor ,

Carl Zeidler, CFP, MSFS

Founder , Wall Street Financial Group, Inc.

Carlos Dias Jr., RIA

Wealth Manager and Founder , Excel Tax & Wealth Group

Carolyn Bigda

Contributing Writer , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Casey B. Weade, CFP®

President , Howard Bailey Financial Inc.

Chad Slagle

President , Slagle Financial LLC

Chana Schoenberger

Charles Benway, CPA, CFP

President , Main Street Financial LLC

Charles C. Scott, AIF®

President , Pelleton Capital Management, Ltd.

Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA

Chief Investment Officer , Sizemore Capital Management

Charles Ragonese, Investment Adviser Representative

Founder and President , Mountain Peak Financial Inc.

Chay Stewart, Financial Adviser

President , Stewart Planning Group

Chris Abts

President , Cornerstone Retirement Group

Chris Chen, CFP®

Founder , Insight Financial Strategists LLC

Chris Creed, CFP®

Director of PCG Business Development , AFAM Capital

Chris Harlow, CPA, Investment Adviser Representative

Vice President , NW Tax & Wealth Advisory Group, Inc.

Chris Heerlein, Investment Adviser Representative

Partner , Reap Financial Group, LLC

Chris Hobart, RFC, IAR

Founder , Hobart Financial Group

Christian Ruhl

Intern ,

Christopher A. Murray, Investment Adviser

President , Murray Financial Group

Christopher Scalese

President , Fortune Financial Group

Christy Smith, Investment Adviser

Founder , The Presley Group

Con Reha

President , Liberty Advisers

Craig Hammer, Broker, Investment Adviser

Personal Wealth Strategist

Craig Slayen

Principal , Cypress Partners

Curt D. Knotick, Financial Adviser

Managing Partner , Accurate Solutions Group LLC

Curvin E. Miller IV

Vice President , Russell & Company Total Wealth Management

Dan Burrows

Contributing Writer ,

Dan Webster, Registered Financial Consultant

Founder , Fusion Capital

Dana McLaughlin, CFP®, C(k)P®

Senior Wealth Advisor , Beirne Wealth Consulting Services, LLC

Dandan Zou

Reporter , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Daniel A. Timins, Esq., CFP®

Owner , Law Offices of Daniel Timins

Daniel Shub, RFC

Founder , OCTO Capital and Shub & Company

Daniel Zajac, CFP

Partner , SimoneZajac Wealth Management

Daren Fonda

Associate Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

David Blackston, CEP®, RFC®, CSA®

Founder , Blackston Financial Advisory Group

David Braun, Investment Adviser Representative

President , David Braun Financial & Insurance Services Inc.

David H. Barton, CEO

President & CEO , Mercer Advisors

David Hickey, CPCU

Managing Director , Your Own Retirement

David Kanani, Investment Adviser

President , Kanani Advisory Group

David Milstead

Contributing Writer

David Morris

Deputy Managing Editor , The Kiplinger Letter

David Muhlbaum

Online Editor ,

David Payne

Staff Economist , The Kiplinger Letter

David Terrell, Investment Adviser

VP, Region Manager , U.S. Bancorp Investments

Deborah L. Meyer, CFP(R), CPA,

CEO , WorthyNest LLC

Derek Gregoire

CEO , SHP Financial

Derek Overstreet, Investment Adviser

Owner , New Millennium Group

Don Ross, RFC

President and Founder , Ross Wealth Advisors

Donald B. Bergis, Investment Adviser

Founder and President , Regent Wealth Management

Doug Kinsey CFP®, CIMA®, AIFA®

Partner , Artifex Financial Group

Douglas Freeman, J.D., LL.M.

Founder , Freeman, Freeman & Smiley, LLP

Douglas Harbrecht

New Media Director ,

Drew Blackston, RFC, CRC

Investment Adviser Representative , Blackston Financial Advisory Group

Drew Jones, Registered Financial Consultant

Registered Financial Consultant , The Lloyd Group Inc.

Ed Maixner

Editor , The Kiplinger Agriculture Letter

Eduard Hamamjian, AAMS

Managing Director, Investment Advisor , GeaSphere Advisors LLC

Eleanor Laise

Senior Editor , Kiplinger's Retirement Report

Elizabeth Leary

Contributing Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Elizabeth Wine

Contributing Writer , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Eric Dostal, J.D. CFP®

Adviser , Sontag Advisory

Eric Ervin, Investment Adviser Representative

Co-Founder, President, CEO , Reality Shares Inc.

Eric Fritts, licensed insurance agent and Investment Adviser Representative

Insurance Agent , Fritts Financial

Eric Mattinson, RFC

Investment Adviser Representative , Semmax Financial Group Inc.

Eric Peterson, Registered Financial Consultant

Founder, CEO , Peterson Financial Group

Evan T. Beach, CFP®, AWMA®

Wealth Manager , Campbell Wealth Management

Gary Mastrodonato, Investment Adviser Representative

Founder, CEO , Masters Wealth Management Group

Gary Ran, Investment Adviser

Chairman , Telemus

Gerry Dougherty, Investment Adviser

Founder & President , Boston Independence Group Inc.

Greg Blotnick, CFA

Investment Consultant , CFA Institute

Greg O'Donnell, Investment Adviser

Founder , O'Donnell Financial Group

Gregory J. Hinkson, CFP®

President and CEO , Hinkson Financial Services

Gregory Ricks

Founder and CEO , Gregory Ricks & Associates

Harold Evensky, CFP®

Chairman , Evensky & Katz

Ian Maxwell, Financial Adviser

Founder & CEO , Reviresco Wealth Advisory

Igor Greenwald

Contributing Writer

Isaac Wright, ChFC

President , Financial Dynamics & Associates

James D. Maher CEPA®, CRPC®, CRPS®, AIF®, C(k)P®

Chief Executive Officer, Founder , Archford Capital Strategies

James K. Glassman

Contributing Columnist , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

James M. Sanford

Founder & Portfolio Manager , Sag Harbor Advisors

Jamie Letcher, CRPC

VP-Wealth Management , Summit Financial Advisors

Jammie Avila, Registered Representative

Managing Partner/Co-Founder , Cornerstone Wealth Management

Jan Blakeley Holman, CFP

Director of Advisor Education , Thornburg Investment Management

Jane Bennett Clark

Senior Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Janet Bodnar

Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Janie Kelly, RICP

Managing Partner , Jalbert Kelly Financial Group

Janine Puhak


Jared M. Elson, Investment Adviser

Managing Partner , Regent Wealth Management

Jared Snider, J.D., Investment Adviser

Senior Wealth Advisor , Exencial Wealth Advisors

Jason Mengel, CFP

Co-Founder , Fusion Capital

Jay Tyner, RFC

President and Founder , Semmax Financial Group Inc.

Jeff Dixson, Investment Adviser

Founder, President and CEO , Northwest Financial and Tax Solutions

Jeffrey Levine, CPA

Chief Retirement Strategist/Director of Retirement , Ed Slott and Company

Jeffrey M. Verdon, Esq.

Managing Partner , Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group, LLP

Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Senior Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Jennifer Liberto

Contributing Writer

Jeremy J. Siegel

Contributing Columnist , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Jerome Idaszak

Contributing Editor , The Kiplinger Letter

Jessica L. Anderson

Associate Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Jim Betzig, CIMA®

Partner, CEO , Beirne Wealth Consulting, LLC

Jim Martin, Registered Financial Consultant

President and Founder , Martin Wealth Solutions

Jim Patterson

Managing Editor , The Kiplinger Letter

Joe Berry, Investment Adviser

Representative , Semmax Financial Group

Joe Bert, CFP®, AIF®

Chairman and CEO , Certified Financial Group, Inc.

John Barringer, CFP, RIA

Managing Partner , Executive Wealth Planning Partners

John Buckingham

Chief Investment Officer , AFAM Capital

John Convery, Investment Adviser

President and founder , The Educated Wealth Center

John Culpepper, Financial Adviser

Senior Partner and Founder , Creative Financial Group

John F. Wasik

Contributing Writer , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

John M. Goralka

Founder , The Goralka Law Firm

John Miley

Reporter , The Kiplinger Letter

John Riley, AIF

Chief Strategist , Cornerstone Investment Services

Joseph Donti, RIA

Founder , Priority Wealth Advisors Inc.

Joseph Lisanti

Contributing Writer , Kiplinger's Retirement Report

Josh Leonard, Investment Adviser

Partner , Leonard Advisory Group

Josh Levine, CFP

Partner , Telemus

Joshua M. Blaker, RFC, Investment Adviser

Founder and President , Accrue Wealth Designs

Joy Taylor

Assistant Editor , The Kiplinger Tax Letter

Judy Gordon, JD, Tax LLM

Estate Planning Advisor , B|O|S

Justin J. Kumar, Investment Adviser Representative

Senior Portfolio Manager , Arlington Capital Management

Kaitlin Pitsker

Staff Writer , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Karen Carr, CFP®

, Society of Grownups

Kathleen Nolan, Investment Adviser

President & Owner , Family Focus Financial Group

Kathy Kristof

Contributing Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Keith Ellis, Investment Adviser

Co-Founder , SHP Financial

Keith Gebert, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

CEO , RightBridge Financial Group

Ken Heise, Investor Adviser Representative

Co-Founder and President , Heise Advisory Group

Ken Moraif, CFP®

Senior Adviser , Money Matters

Kevin Kaplan, RIA

Partner , Silicon Hills Wealth Management

Kevin McCormally

Chief Content Officer , Kiplinger Washington Editors

Kevin Peacock, CAIA®

Founding Partner , Astra Capital Management

Kevin Richards, RFC, Investment Adviser

Founder , KNR Consulting and Wealth Management, Inc.

Kimberly Lankford

Contributing Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Kirk Cassidy, Investment Adviser

President , Senior Planning Advisors

Knight Kiplinger

Editor in Chief , Kiplinger publications

Kristian L. Finfrock, Investment Adviser

Founder , Retirement Income Strategies

Kurt Fillmore, Investment Adviser

Founder and President , Wealth Trac Financial

Lara Fishbane

Intern ,

Laura Gaskill

Houzz Contributor , Houzz

Les Goldstein, Investment Adviser

Founder and President , Personal Financial Strategies Inc.

Liisa Rajala

Researcher-Reporter , the Kiplinger letters

Linda Gardner, Independent Investment Adviser Representative

Co-Founder , Blue Heron Capital LLC

Lisa Brown, CFP®

Partner and Wealth Advisor , Brightworth

Lisa Elaine Babb

Reporter , The Kiplinger Letter

Lisa Gerstner

Contributing Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Marc A. Wojno

Senior Associate Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Marc Kiner, Certified Public Accountant (CPA); National Social Security Advisor

Partner , Premier Social Security Consulting

Marguerita M. Cheng, CFP®

CEO , Blue Ocean Global Wealth

Marianna Shafir, Esq.

Corporate Counsel and Regulatory Advisor , Smarsh

Mark A. Lloyd, RFC, CEP, Investment Adviser

Ownder , The Lloyd Group, Inc.

Mark Cortazzo, CFP®, CIMA®

Senior Partner , MACRO Consulting Group

Mark Fried, Investment Adviser Representative

President , TFG Wealth Management

Mark Pruitt, Investment Adviser

President and CEO , Strategic Estate Planning Services, Inc.

Mark Sfiligoj

Deputy Managing Editor , the Kiplinger letters

Mark Solheim

Senior Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Mary Clare Fischer

Contributing Writer , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Mary Kane

Associate Editor , Kiplinger's Retirement Report

Matt Dicken, Investment Adviser

Founder and CEO , Strategic Wealth Designers

Matt Hausman, Registered Investment Adviser

Founder and President , Old Security Trust Corp. and Old Security Group

Matt Hylland, RIA, Financial Planner

Founder , Hylland Capital Management, LLC

Max Hechtman, Investment Adviser Representative

Partner and President , Max Wealth & Insurance Solutions

Meg Bartelt, MSFP, CFP®

President , Flow Financial Planning, LLC

Megan Clark, Investment Adviser Representative

Executive Vice President , Clark & Associates Inc. Financial Solutions

Meilan Solly

Intern ,

Melissa S. Bristow

Managing Editor , the Kiplinger letters

Michael Andersen, Investment Adviser

Founder and President , Andersen Wealth Management

Michael DeSenne

Executive Editor ,

Michael Fritts, Investment Representative

Investment Adviser Representative , Fritts Financial

Michael K. Macke, CFP

Vice president and co-owner , Petros Estate & Retirement Planning

Michael Krumholz, Investment Adviser

President , CFG

Michael Martin, Investment Adviser Representative

Co-Founder , Legacy Financial Partners

Michael Miller, CFP®

Founder , Miller Premier Investment Planning LLC

Michael Reese, CFP®

Founder and Principal , Centennial Wealth Advisory, LLC

Michael Rose, CFP®

President , Forthright Investments, LLC

Michael Woloshin, Investment Adviser Representative

Investment Adviser Representative , Woloshin Investment Management

Michael Yoder, CFP®, CRPS®

Principal , Yoder Wealth Management

Mike "Cy" Cajthaml Jr., Investment Adviser Representative

Vice President , Cy Financial Wealth Management

Mike "Cy" Cajthaml, Sr., CFP, ChFC, CLU

President , Cy Financial Wealth Management

Mike Haffling, Investment Adviser Representative

President and Founder , Verus Capital Management

Mike Piershale, ChFC

President , Piershale Financial Group

Miles Kruppa

Intern , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Miriam Cross

Staff Writer , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Nancy Fleming, CFP®, Investment Adviser

President , Fleming Financial Services

Nathan J. Gendelman, MBA, ACAS

President and Director of Investments , The Family Firm, Inc.

Nellie S. Huang

Senior Associate Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Nicole Duran

Senior Editor , The Kiplinger Letter

Nicole R. Hart, JD

Director, Trusts and Estates , Sontag Advisory, LLC

Nino Pavan, Investment Adviser, CFP

President , Financial Designs

Oliver Pursche, Investment Adviser Representative

CEO , Bruderman Asset Management

Pat Mertz Esswein

Associate Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Patrick Ayers, Investment Adviser

Founder , Ayers Financial Services

Paul E. Roberts Jr.

Founder and Chief Investment Officer , Roberts Wealth Management

Paul V. Sydlansky, CFP

Founder , Lake Road Advisors, LLC

Paula F. Osenni, CFP

Founder , Act2Transitions

Pete A. Lang, Investment Adviser Representative

President , Lang Capital

Pete Woodring, RIA

Founding Partner , Cypress Partners

Peter Blank

Editor , The Kiplinger Tax Letter

Peter Phelan

Contributing Writer

Peter V. Disch, CFP®

Founder & Managing Member , Great Point Wealth Advisors

Phil Simonides, CFP®

Senior Vice President , McAdam Financial

Philip Detlefs, Investment Adviser Representative

Investment Adviser Representative , Investment Management Group

Philip Gordley, Investment Adviser

President and Founder , Core Financial

Philip Hawken

Business Development Manager ,

Rebecca Dolan

Contributing Writer ,

Rebecca McClay

Contributing Writer , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Reid Abedeen

Partner , Safeguard Investment Advisory Group, LLC

Reid Johnson, Investment Adviser

Insurance Professional and President , Lake Point Advisory Group LLC

Richard A. Carriuolo, Certified Financial Planner™

Vice President and Director of Wealth Management S , R. M. Davis, Inc.

Richard Pucciarelli, Investment Adviser Representative

President and founder , Carolina Retirement Resources Inc.

Richard W. Paul, CFP, RFC, Investment Adviser

President , Richard Paul & Associates, LLC

Rob Lutts, Investment Adviser

President and Chief Investment Officer , Cabot Wealth Management

Robert E. Grace, JD, CLU, ChFC, CFEd, RFC, Master Elite IRA Advisor

Founder and President , Grace Tax Advisory Group, LLC

Robert Harwood, Investment Adviser

President and Founder , Harwood Financial Group

Robert K. Altshuler, JD CLU CHFC

Partner, Chief Operating Officer , PlanningCore Wealth Advisors LLC

Robert Klosterman, CFP®

CEO & Chief Investment Officer , White Oaks Investment Management, Inc.

Robert Long

Managing Editor ,

Robert N. Auclair, CFP®

Principal , Balanced Wealth Management, LLC

Rodrigo Sermeño

Reporter , The Kiplinger Letter

Roger C. Davis

CEO , Woodridge Wealth Management, LLC

Roger Ford, RFC, Investment Adviser

Founder & CEO , Conservative Financial Solutions

Ron Gelok, Investment Adviser

Financial Advisor and President , Ronald Gelok and Associates

Ron Sanders, AIF®

CEO & Chief Investment Officer , ONE Retirement, LLC

Ross Wolf, RIA, ChFC

President , Pacific Financial Advisors Inc.

Ruisha Qian

Contributing Writer ,

Russ Hill CFP®, AIFA®

CEO and Chairman , Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors LLC

Ryan Ermey

Senior Reporter , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Ryan Krauss, Investment Adviser

President and CEO , U.S. Central Financial Group

Sally Abrahms

Contributing Writer , Kiplinger's Retirement Report

Sandra Block

Senior Associate Editor , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Sarah Smith

Intern ,

Scott Hanson, CFP

Financial Advisor and Co-Founder , Hanson McClain Advisors

Scott M. Dougan, RFC, Investment Adviser

President & Founder , Global Plains Advisory Group, Inc.

Scott Vance, Investment Adviser

Owner , Taxvanta

Sean Lengell

Associate Editor , The Kiplinger Letter

Sean P. Lee, MSFS

President and Founder , Elevated Retirement Group

Shanna Tingom, AAMS®

Co-Founder , Heritage Financial Strategies

Stacy Rapacon

Online Editor ,

Stephen Alred, Financial Planner

Founder , Ignite Financial

Stephen Harbeck, Securities Investor Protection Corporation

President and CEO , Securities Investor Protection Corporation

Stephen J. Korving, CFP®

President & Chief Investment Officer , Korving & Company

Stephen Scott, Investment Consultant

Managing Director , Longboard Asset Management

Steve Fullerton, Investment Adviser

Co-Founder , Fullerton Financial Planning

Steve Jurich, Investment Adviser

Founder , IQ Wealth Management

Susan B. Garland

Contributing Editor , Kiplinger's Retirement Report

Susannah Snider

Staff Writer , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

T. Eric Reich, CIMA®, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

President and Founder , Reich Asset Management, LLC

Tad Hill, Investment Adviser

Founder and President , Freedom Financial Group

Taylor Schulte, CFP

Founder and CEO , Define Financial

Thomas P. Keller, CFP, CLU

Partner , Kehoe Financial Advisors

Tom Petruno

Contributing Writer , Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Toni Hill, RFC

Investment Adviser Representative , Freedom Financial Group

Tony Zabiegala, Investment Adviser

Founder and Vice President , Strategic Wealth Partners

Vanessa Baida

Contributing Editor ,

Vanessa Dezem

Contributing Editor ,

Vid Ponnapalli, CFP™, MS, EA

Founder & President , Unique Financial Advisors

Vita Nelson

Founding Publisher and Editor , Moneypaper

William Rassman, CFP

Director of Advisory Services , Centric Capital Advisors

Zach Gray, Investment Adviser Representative

Partner , Wall Street Financial Group