Resist the Impulse to Buy These 14 Holiday Gifts

Don't let those holiday sale promotions persuade you into buying something now that will be much cheaper later.

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This year’s holiday shopping promises to pose unique challenges with well-known supply chain issues and shortages compounding the existing pandemic complications for retailers.

Like they did last year, stores are offering holiday deals much earlier in the year than they did before COVID. In many instances, it’s good to heed these deals early, with looming shortages threatening to make last-minute shopping a very bad idea.

For example, don’t wait for a better price on something on your list that has chip technology like a robot vacuum cleaner. The shortage of microchips is likely to translate into a shortage of these appliances. So if you see a good price for something like this on your list, pounce before it’s too late.

But the early deals may tempt you to spend more than you should on other gifts. Stiffen your spine and try to evaluate whether promoted deals are really as good as they seem. You might be able to snag some items for much less right after the holidays or at another time of the year.

We’ve enlisted the help of several smart shopping experts to identify 14 product categories holiday shoppers should resist before the holidays. Take a look.

Andrea Browne Taylor
Contributing Editor

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