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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

August 2012

August issue of KPFM

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Guide to Finding, Making the Best Deals of 2012

From travel and tech to credit cards and stocks, we show you how to save big.


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From The Editor

In search of greater dividends, by Janet Bodnar

What's Next for Gold?

It may have dropped in price, but it's still worth owning a bit.

Credit Scores Are on the Rise

Consumers are borrowing cautiously and saving more.

Money & Ethics

Is it okay to visit a store, then buy online?, by Knight Kiplinger

Loans for Grad School Get Pricier

Uncle Sam still has good options for funding a higher degree.

2013 Cars: More Models, Fewer Incentives

Expect to see a plethora of new vehicles -- and better ones, too.

Opening Shot

9 companies with good cash flow, by James K. Glassman

Real Money

First-time borrowers may have better luck getting a car loan from a dealer than from a bank.

My Point of View

Flattening federal spending will give the D.C. region a taste of what the rest of the country has been going through, by Knight Kiplinger

Your Mind Your Money

Use willpower to your financial advantage, by Robert Frick


Introducing the Kiplinger Income 25

Every single pick yields a handsome 4% or better.

6 Retail Stocks to Cash In On

Shares of both super discounters and luxury chains can make good investments. We name three of each.

Going Long

The case for investing in Europe, by Jeremy J. Siegel

Starbucks: Some Shares With Your Latte?

The company's accelerating growth should give its battered stock a jolt.

Practical Investing

Why I pick stocks, by Kathy Kristof

ETF Spotlight

To invest in the U.S. bond market, buy an exchange-traded fund that tracks Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Bond index.

Why We Don't Like Facebook

The stock is too risky because of uncertainty over future growth.

New Findings on Fund Fees

A new study shows that no one data point, including the expense ratio, will dictate the performance of a mutual fund.

Kip 25 Update

Loomis Sayles Bond looks across the pond.

Cash In Hand

Now is not the time to buy Treasury bonds, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Value Added

5 great stock picks -- and the exchange-traded fund that owns them, by Steven Goldberg

Fund Spotlight

Veteran manager Wally Weitz seeks big, cash-producing firms selling at discount prices.


Every One Has a Money Hang-Up

Emotional baggage can sabotage your financial goals.

Check Up on Your Home Insurance

You may be able to lower your costs while upgrading your coverage.

7 Steps to Convert Your Paper Files to Digital

Digitize your files in these tech-savvy ways to save time, money.

Don't Run Out of Money in Retirement

The RMD spend-down strategy will help you cover retirement expenses with less risk.

Money Etiquette

Take our new travel tipping quiz, by Stacy Rapacon

Coverage for College Students

Add an insurance review to the to-do list before they leave for school.

Ask Kim

Kim Lankford responds to reader questions about minimizing bank fees overseas, more.

Where to Find Free Student Checking

Many banks offer accounts with no minimum balance.


Guide to Finding, Making the Best Deals of 2012

From travel and tech to credit cards and stocks, we show you how to save big.

Join the Cloud on the Cheap

You can safely store all of your files and access them wherever you are.

Drive Time

Consider European delivery programs to buy your new car, by Jessica Anderson

The Lowdown

6 things you need to know about credit scores.

My Story

Betsy and Warren Talbot, of Seattle, Washington, jettisoned their possessions and their careers to be perpetual globe-trotters.