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Carlos Dias Jr., RIA

Wealth Manager and Founder, Excel Tax & Wealth Group

Phone: 407.219.9017 ext. 101 | 877.990.3427 ext. 101

Carlos Dias Jr. is a wealth manager and founder of Excel Tax & Wealth Group, an advisory firm offering strategic financial planning services to high-net-worth individuals, business owners, executives and retirees. He maintains a highly personal approach by accounting for the distinct needs that his clients have at different points in their financial lives. Dias is a contributor for Forbes, the Huffington Post, Kiplinger and MarketWatch.

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Building Wealth
June 2017

4 Tax-Free Income Sources to Supplement Retirement

Choosing your investments with taxes in mind is a smart strategy as you approach retirement. Here are four income-generating possibilities that won’t trigger big tax bills.

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Building Wealth
May 2017

Avoiding the IRA Beneficiary Tax Trap

Be careful who inherits your IRA, and be smart about how they are allowed to do it. It could save them a potentially 40% tax hit.

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Building Wealth
October 2016

How a Roth Conversion Can Save You and Your Heirs Thousands

With a Roth, you can avoid RMDs and let more of your money grow tax-free.

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