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Dear Investor,

It has never been easier to find out what's going on around the world.

Where your business and investments are concerned, however, it has never been tougher to get down to the truth.

Information pours in 24 hours a day from TV and radio, Web sites, blogs, tweets, mobile apps, newspapers, magazines and more.

FACT: For more than 90 years The Kiplinger Letter's accurate business and economic forecasts and unbiased advice have helped millions of readers boost profits from their investments and businesses.

All without the hype, outlandish promises or alarming doom-and-gloom scenarios commonly spread by too many in the media.

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The information overload both overwhelms us and makes it harder to distinguish objective reporting from commentators who have an axe to grind or stories that weren't thoroughly researched and fact-checked in the first place.

In an age when literally anyone can broadcast an opinion or personal agenda online it can be difficult to find a trustworthy source of unbiased business and investment insight and analysis.

That's where The Kiplinger Letter comes in. For more than 90 years we've been quietly helping millions of investors, business professionals, executives, managers and entrepreneurs maximize profits from their businesses and investments.

The Kiplinger Letter consistently provides accurate forecasts of industries, businesses, companies and technologies poised for rapid growth and profit -- before share prices begin to take off. And that's your key to profiting along with them.

We've correctly anticipated huge gains in the energy, defense, transportation, medical supply, healthcare, technology, real estate, building and housing, banking and numerous other industries. As a result savvy readers who acted on our advice and guidance have reported making as much as 31 times their initial investments.

That's what can happen when you rely upon unbiased, accurate business and economic forecasts for your investment decisions instead of the spin, hype and get-rich-quick wishful thinking found in so many investment publications.

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