Best CD Rates for June 2024

Find the highest CD rates available today in our guide.

Image of a dollar bill turning into an upwards arrow signifying savings rates.
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Since last year, savings rates on high yield savings accounts and CDs have been continually rising, with rates on many top-earning accounts offering APYs of over 4% and 5%. Typically, long-term CDs offer higher rates than short-term CDs, but the market is currently experiencing what is known as an “inverted yield curve,” meaning you’ll earn more from a 1-year CD compared to a 5-year CD

This is great news; you can now invest your cash in a CD with a high rate of return, without having to keep it locked up for an overly long period of time. Rates on long-term CDs are still high though, so if you are looking for a longer-term investment option, you’ll be able to score rates of over 4%. And rates could even go up further. 

Erin Bendig
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