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7 Diverse Stocks to Buy to Make a Buck Off Air Travel

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A big swath of the country is finally coming out of a deep freeze that kept many of us hunkered down in our homes for most of this winter. That’s because traveling was neither easy nor fun, whether by plane, train or automobile.

As the weather improves, Americans will start to make travel plans for the summer ahead – and that should educate investors as they hunt down stocks to buy amid this bull run.

Summer is the Super Bowl of air travel. Last year, trade association Airlines for America estimated that 246 million people would travel by air between June 1 and Aug. 3 of 2018. Turns out, that was a great estimate. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), 253 million people traveled by air between the Wednesday before Memorial Day (May 23) and the Tuesday after Labor Day (Sept. 4).


Industry statistics also suggest that the amount of air travel is on the rise – a trend investors can benefit from if they know where to look. The problem is there’s no good fund that covers the gamut of industries that contribute to commercial aviation. It’s not just airlines and aircraft manufacturers – airport operators, hospitality businesses, construction firms, retailers, car rentals, even cosmetics companies, benefit directly or indirectly from more crowded skies.

Here are seven stocks to buy that benefit from healthy air travel, several of which tend to fly under many investors’ radars.

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Data is as of April 3.


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