10 Companies With New or Improved Stock Buybacks in 2019

Stock buybacks crashed through the ceiling in 2018.

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Stock buybacks crashed through the ceiling in 2018. Companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index alone announced plans to repurchase almost $1 trillion in shares – a tactic that not only makes the remaining stock worth a little more, but improves per-share financial metrics in their quarterly reports.

Generous corporate tax cuts took hold in 2018, making it easy for many of the nation’s businesses – which already were flush with cash – to pull the trigger. The same business-friendly tax environment could make 2019 another strong year for stock buybacks.

Eclipsing last year’s tally would require continued economic growth, of course, although not even a nagging tariff war appears to be a problem for capitalism just yet. Inflation is being held in check, too, and the Federal Reserve is leaning dovish, so few landmines lie ahead. The only plausible threat to buyback mania to date is legislation aimed at crimping excessive stock repurchases. Even then, the idea has minimal support and could take until at least 2020 to put in place if approved.

In other words, the environment is right for 2019 to be another strong year for share repurchases. In fact, several organizations have already made their announcements. Here are 10 companies that have initiated or increased stock buybacks just since the beginning of the year.


Data is as of March 19. Companies announce buybacks in either dollar amounts or share amounts.

James Brumley
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