11 Superfoods to Boost Productivity at Work

When you’re faced with a hectic workday, it can be all too easy to make some not-so-healthy food choices in between attending meetings, checking emails and returning phone calls.

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Poor nutrition can significantly impact your ability to perform well on the job, because it can lead to fatigue, lower energy levels, decreased mental effectiveness and a reduced ability to think clearly. That’s why it’s important to consume healthy foods and beverages consistently throughout the day, rather than waiting until you’re starving to have a snack or meal, advises Keri Glassman, a New York City-based nutritionist and founder of NutriousLife.com. It’s not easy during days filled with deadlines: You’re more likely to make poor food choices when you’re under a time crunch, she says.

And if you’ve been working from home due to the coronavirus, finding healthy food options -- no vending machine down the hall, no neighborhood deli in walking distance -- to help power through a hectic work day can be challenging.

Meal planning for the week ahead is critical to keeping your refrigerator and cupboards stocked with an assortment of healthy meals and snacks. With input from several nutrition experts, we’ve identified a variety of so-called superfoods that pack extra health benefits to help keep you focused and effective throughout the work day. In addition, we’ve outlined cost-friendly options for where to buy (online and in-store) and how to prepare these items without breaking the bank or taking up too much time. Take a look.

Andrea Browne Taylor
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