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Mary Kane

Associate Editor
Kiplinger's Retirement Report

Mary Kane is a financial writer and editor who has specialized in covering fringe financial services, such as payday loans and prepaid debit cards. She has written or edited for Reuters, the Washington Post,, MSNBC, Scripps Media Center, and more. She also was an Alicia Patterson Fellow, focusing on consumer finance and financial literacy, and a national correspondent for Newhouse Newspapers in Washington, DC. She covered the subprime mortgage crisis for the pathbreaking online site The Washington Independent, and later served as its editor. She is a two-time winner of the Excellence in Financial Journalism Awards sponsored by the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. She also is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University, where she teaches a course on journalism and publishing in the digital age. She came to Kiplinger in March 2017.

Latest Features

October 2018

A Move Manager Helps You Downsize in Retirement

Leave it to the pros to help guide you in deciding what's going with you and what to dispose.

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October 2018

Gift Annuity Offers Tax Break and Retirement Income

You get a charitable deduction in the year you make the donation, along with income for life from the charity.

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October 2018

New Laws Lift 'Gag Clauses' on Pharmacists

The changes ban rules in pharmacy contracts with insurers that prevented pharmacists from suggesting ways to save money on prescriptions.

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Tax Planning
September 2018

Smart Strategies for Giving to Charity

Some taxpayers will need to find workarounds in order to write off charitable donations under the new tax law. Here are three.

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Saving for Retirement
September 2018

New Retirement Plan Option May Be on Horizon

Multiple employer plans would allow unaffiliated small businesses to join together to offer 401(k)s.

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Tax Planning
September 2018

Time Capital Gains to Trim Tax Tab

The new tax law altered how capital gains and qualified dividends are taxed. It pays for investors to understand the rules.

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Health Care & Insurance
August 2018

Retirees, Find Help to Cover Expensive Drug Costs

Out-of-pocket expenses for prescriptions can do serious damage to your retirement income. But there are options.

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August 2018

Hire Help to Assist Older Travelers

These firms ensure that older parents or loved ones navigate the airport, are comfortable on a flight and arrive safely at their destination.

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Family Finances
August 2018

Dividing Your Assets in a Gray Divorce

The closer you are to retirement, the more crucial it is to get it right.

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Tax Planning
August 2018

Cutting the Tax Bill on Company Stock

There's a strategy that allows company stock held in a workplace retirement plan to be split off and rolled over to a taxable account to take advantage of capital-gains tax rates.

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Financial Planning for Alzheimer's
July 2018

Finding a New Path With Dementia

Retirees and others living with one of the many different types of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, are breaking the stereotypes.

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Mortgages & Refinancing
June 2018

Planning for Retirement: Should You Pay Off the House Early?

The new tax law adds wrinkles for homeowners deciding whether or not to retire without a mortgage.

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Estate Planning
June 2018

Smart Ways to Save on Funeral Costs

From Costco caskets to cremation, there are steps you can take to avoid overpaying for a funeral.

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Tax Breaks
June 2018

Follow QCD Rules to Make Your IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions Count

Retirees can get a tax break for donating up to $100,000 to a charity directly from a traditional IRA.

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May 2018

Caregivers Need to Take a Break

Nearly 44 million U.S. adults are family caregivers, but the vast majority of them aren’t receiving any kind of respite care. That's a mistake.

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May 2018

Dealing With Aging in the Workplace

Many older workers are staying on the job past retirement age. And many face serious issues including age discrimination, outdated skills and sick spouses.

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Social Security
April 2018

Married Couples: Coordinate Social Security Claims to Boost Benefits

Picking the right Social Security claiming strategy can help married couples ensure that each spouse receives the biggest benefits check possible.

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