10 Dividend Growth Stocks Delivering Impressive Increases

Adding dividend growth stocks to your portfolio can provide both income and capital appreciation over the long haul. That makes these 10 picks worth a closer look.

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There are two ways to think about dividend growth stocks.

You can view them as companies consistently increasing their annual dividend payment, such as the Dividend Aristocrats, which are individual S&P 500 stocks that have raised their dividend annually for 25 consecutive years or more.

Or you can view them by the rate at which they are currently growing their dividends and revenues. In other words, as both dividend and growth stocks.

In any event, dividend growth stocks have outperformed in various market environments, according to global investment management firm Nuveen.

"Dividend growth stocks have provided an attractive combination of earnings and cash flow growth potential, healthy balance sheets and sustainable dividend policies," the firm's website states. "These stocks have historically offered compelling performance during up markets and provided a buffer during market drawdowns and in volatile environments."

So, for investors eager to pad their portfolio with picks that have the potential to provide both income and capital appreciation over the long haul, here are 10 of the best dividend growth stocks to buy now. Each name on this list is expected to increase its annual dividend per share by 10% or more over the next two years, with revenue expected to rise by at least 10% during the same time frame.

Data is as of Aug. 1. Analyst opinions and other data courtesy of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Stocks are listed in reverse order of two-year estimated dividend growth rate.

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