7 New ETFs for Investors To Consider

Investors are pouring money into exchange-traded funds, and these seven new ETFs are certainly worthy of some of that fresh capital.

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The U.S. exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry had quite a year in 2023 – due in part to the 520 new ETFs launched, considerably higher than 413 in 2022 and 446 in 2021. 

U.S. ETFs ended 2023 with assets of $8.1 trillion, according to data from ETFGI, a London-based research firm, 24.8% higher than in 2022. Net inflows of $604 billion were decent but well behind 2021's record $920 billion.

Actively managed ETFs are one area of the industry that continues to grow. In 2023, active ETFs had net inflows of $131 billion. Active ETFs accounted for 21.9% of net inflows in all ETFs, according to Morningstar. As a result, active ETFs accounted for 6.5% of the total ETF market, up from 5.3% a year earlier.

But whether it be active or passive funds, the demand for the best ETFs to buy among retail and institutional investors remains strong. U.S. ETFs saw more than $195 billion in net inflows in the first quarter of 2023, thanks in part to the 144 new funds that launched over the three-month period.

New ETFs allow investors to explore strategies that haven't been considered before or cheaper alternatives to gain exposure to tried-and-true approaches. With that in mind, here are seven of the most interesting new ETFs that have recently hit the market. 

Data is as of May 24.

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