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10 Worst Jobs for the Future, 2016


The labor market is steadily improving, with U.S. unemployment at its lowest level since 2008, yet some occupations continue to experience a downward slide. Careers in the manufacturing sector, for example, have been disappearing for decades as plants become more efficient and jobs move to factories overseas. Other careers are falling victim to changing tastes and changing technologies.

To help job seekers avoid some of these dying professions, we analyzed 784 popular occupations, looking at which have been shedding positions over the past decade and which are projected to continue that trend into the next decade. We considered salaries, too, and favored promising careers that require less education to get started. After all, a job that doesn't require a college degree costs less in student loans and earns you a paycheck faster. And for the jobs that landed in the bottom of our rankings, we suggest alternate careers with better growth and pay prospects.

Take a look at 10 of the worst jobs for the future.

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