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Rachel L. Sheedy

Kiplinger's Retirement Report

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Tax Planning
November 2016

How to Reduce Your State Tax Bill in Retirement

Smart strategies for lowering the amount of taxes retirees have to pay every year.

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Social Security
October 2016

Social Security Benefits for Your Spouse If You Die Early

Here's how to determine the survivor benefit calculation.

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September 2016

4 Ways to Make the Most of an Inherited IRA

Here are four strategies to consider when taking on a deceased loved one's IRA account.

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Roth IRAs
August 2016

Deadline Nears for Reversing Your 2015 Roth IRA Conversion

Consider these money-smart reasons to undo a move into a Roth IRA.

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August 2016

High Tech Helps Aging Drivers

Need a little extra help driving? These high-tech features can keep you safe as you get older.

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Social Security
August 2016

How to Boost Social Security Benefits for Surviving Spouses

When the surviving spouse is older than age 70, the Social Security claiming regimen is simple. But it’s trickier if the surviving spouse is younger.

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Saving for Retirement
June 2016

When It’s Time to Tap a Roth 401(k)

Want to declare your Roth money’s independence from Uncle Sam? Get up to speed on the rules for tapping a Roth 401(k) tax-free.

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Social Security
June 2016

A Payout Limit on Social Security Benefits

Your spouse and children may discover they can’t claim all the Social Security benefits they’re entitled to based on your earnings record. Here’s why.

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Mortgages & Refinancing
June 2016

Reverse Mortgages Continue to Evolve

New changes designed to limit defaults on reverse mortgages could end up costing borrowers more.

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June 2016

7 Savvy Retirement Steps for Generation X

Generation X is hitting middle age. That reality may bite, but the good news for members of Gen X is there is still plenty of time to boost their retirement security. While tax laws and Social Security ...

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May 2016

When You Can Tap a 401(k) Early With No Penalty

Leave your job in the year you turn 55 or older, and Uncle Sam will cut you some slack on the early-withdrawal penalty.

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June 2016

What You Must Know About Social Security

For many Americans, Social Security benefits are the bedrock of retirement income. Maximizing that stream of income is critical to funding your retirement dreams. The rules for claiming benefits can ...

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April 2016

Insuring a Trip In Uncertain Times

Scour the fine print to make sure you understand what a travel insurance policy will cover before you buy.

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Social Security
March 2016

Time Running Out to Capitalize on Expiring Social Security Claiming Strategy

If you want to file and suspend your benefit under the old rules, get cracking. Those who qualify have to apply by April 29.

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Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
March 2016

RMD Start Date and Your Heirs

Whether an IRA owner dies before or after the "required beginning date" determines beneficiaries' options for taking distributions.

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July 2016

Surprising Things You May Not Know About Retirement

As you advance toward retirement, it's a good idea to start sharpening the focus of your retirement vision. You need to figure out how you'll spend your time, what your retirement budget will look like ...

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Social Security
March 2016

New Rules for Social Security Create Confusion Over Claiming Strategies

Here's what to do if you are mistakenly told you can't use the “file and suspend” strategy or the “restricted application” strategy.

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