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Best Deals in Online Banking, 2017


Banking without a branch is getting easier. Mobile-deposit capability, refunds of ATM fees and customer service that extends beyond the phone to online chat and social media allow customers to get by without tellers or a dedicated network of ATMs. Plus, because internet banks don't have the overhead costs that come with full-service branches, they tend to have lower fees and higher interest rates.

Online banks are upping their customer-friendly features, too. Some have jumped on the mobile-wallet bandwagon, offering debit cards with Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay compatibility. Online banks often have kinder overdraft policies than those of traditional banks; some even let you borrow from a line of credit for a low fee -- or free.


We picked Ally Bank and Bank of Internet as the top do-it-all online banks in our Best Banks, 2017 package (more on both of them later in this slide show). But perhaps you seek only a specific type of online-only account –- for instance, a certificate of deposit in which to safely park some cash, or a convenient checking account with high yields. Follow along for top accounts from online banks in a variety of categories. We also give honorable mention to runners-up in each category. Except where noted, the accounts don't charge monthly maintenance fees or require you to keep a minimum balance (though some ask for a minimum initial deposit). Each bank offers mobile check deposit, and all but one of the checking accounts include free bill-paying services. Take a look.

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