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10 Great Places to Retire If You Hate the Cold


Do you dream of retiring your days of freezing winters after exiting the full-time work world? The following retirement destinations offer warm climates that, even in January (the coldest month for much the U.S.), rarely see temperatures drop below freezing. In July, the average high temperatures in these locations range from 80℉ to 102℉.

Spoiler alert: Yes, this list includes places in Florida and Hawaii (where the coldest lows are just 52℉ and 64℉—a midsummer night's dream in the winter for many). But some of our warm-weather retirement destinations may surprise you. Others you might expect, such as in Arizona and Georgia, can actually get pretty cold in the dead of winter, so they didn't quite make the cut (but they still offer great places you might consider for your retirement).


Check out the following 10 hot spots for a warm retirement.

This story was originally published in 2016. Estimates of living costs for retirees, where available, come from the Council for Community and Economic Research. Populations and median home values are from the U.S. Census Bureau. Estimates of states' average lifetime health care costs during retirement for couples retiring at 65 are from HealthView Services. Tax rankings are based on Kiplinger's Retiree Tax Map, which divides states into five categories: Most Tax-Friendly, Tax-Friendly, Mixed, Not Tax-Friendly and Least Tax-Friendly. Crime statistics are from the FBI. Average temperatures are from The Weather Channel. Retirement destinations are listed in alphabetical order by state.

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