10 Most Tax-Friendly States for Retirees

If you’re looking for the perfect place to move when you retire, you may want to consider one of these most tax-friendly states for retirees.

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When choosing which state you want to retire to, taxes may have crossed your mind. Knowing which are the most tax-friendly states for retirees may help you make your decision. Just keep in mind that no state has zero taxes. So, where some types of taxes are low, other types may be high. Considering the pros and cons of state taxes will provide you with the best overall tax picture.

(Note: This ranking only considers state tax burdens. You may want to consider other factors, such as cost of living, political climate, and crime rates, before making a decision on where to relocate.)

Most tax-friendly states for retirees methodology 

The ranking for the most tax-friendly states for retirees is based on two major factors. Only states that don't tax retirement benefits were considered. Of those 13 states, the 10 with lowest median property taxes paid were chosen. Property tax bill amounts are based on 2021 data (the most recent available) from the US Census Bureau and reported by PropertyShark

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