10 States With the Highest Gas Taxes

Skip the fill-up in these states with the highest gas taxes to save money on your next road trip. Sometimes, crossing state lines is all it takes to spend less.

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High gas prices can make traveling feel even more expensive than it already is, and high gas taxes can make filling up even more painful. 

The United States federal gas tax isn’t too bad at 18.4 cents per gallon, but some states charge more than twice that amount. The federal tax on diesel fuel is 24.4 cents per gallon, but diesel taxes in several states on this list are much higher. So, if filling up can wait until you cross state lines, it might be worth it.

So, while you can't change the fact that some states have high gas taxes, knowing which ones they are, can help you plan your gas stops accordingly. 

Here are 10 states with the highest gas taxes.

(Note: State or local sales taxes may not be included in the gas tax totals listed.) 


[Gas and diesel tax prices are based on data from the Federation of Tax Administrators and the Tax Policy Center. This data reflects prices as of May 2024.]

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