10 States With the Highest Sales Taxes

These states have the highest sales tax in the U.S., but do they really? Learn what taxes really look like before you travel or relocate, so you don’t overspend.

the word tax falling on pile of coins for highest sales tax states
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State sales tax rates don’t always reflect the rate you will actually pay or what items you will pay tax on. States with the highest sales tax are sometimes more tax-friendly states (in some ways) than states with lower sales taxes. If you want to relocate — or even visit one of these states —  it’s a good idea to understand the bigger sales tax picture. 

Note: Localities (cities and counties) often have sales tax rates separate from the statewide rate. Rankings for states with the highest sales tax are based on the average combined local and state tax rates. The sales tax rates used in this story are based on data from the Tax Foundation and are accurate as of January 2023. This list does not include the four reported states with no sales tax or average combined local taxes.

Katelyn Washington
Tax Writer

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