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7 Best Stocks to Own If Clinton Defeats Trump for President

Zachary Moskow via Wikipedia

We’ve compiled a list of firms that stand to benefit if Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is elected in November. Because Clinton has been in politics longer and has released a greater number of official policy positions than Donald Trump, her expected Republican opponent, investors have a better chance of anticipating how various industries might be affected by a Clinton presidency than they would by a Trump victory.

If the pundits are right, Clinton would have trouble pushing through major legislative changes. That’s because even if the Senate flips from Republican to Democratic control, the GOP is expected to retain a majority in the House of Representatives. That said, the president wields enormous power to affect industries and companies through the regulatory process.


We’ve picked seven stocks that could see a pop on November 9 if Clinton wins but that also stand on their own as solid investments.

Prices and returns are as of July 11. Price-earnings ratios are based on estimated earnings for the next 12 months. Returns are from Morningstar.


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