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26 Stock Picks for 2016


Don’t give up on this bull market yet — it still has room to run in 2016. But temper your expectations. Volatility will be high as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, and economic growth is getting spotty. On average, investors can expect mid-single-digit percentage increases in stocks as a whole.

But even a so-so market can produce gems. Here are 26 stock picks that Kiplinger's investing editors Daren Fonda and Anne Kates Smith, as well as columnist James K. Glassman, see offering special promise in the year ahead.

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52-week high/low prices, projected earnings and annual revenues as of Dec. 4. Other data as of October 30. Analyst estimates are provided by Thomson Reuters. James K. Glassman, who writes the Opening Shot column, owns shares in Twitter. Stocks are listed in alphabetic order.

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