11 Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Cold temperatures put stress on your car. Get ahead of the situation and keep winter woes from hurting your ride or your wallet.

person scraping car window
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Perhaps the first frost has already coated your windshield, or the tire pressure warning light came on for no apparent reason (also a sign of winter—we’ll explain more). As you zip up another layer, give a thought to your ride, and check out these eleven tips that will keep your car rolling smoothly and safely through the cold season’s challenges. Even old salts might find some new insights.

We’re assuming you’ve covered the basics (such as that scraper; try under the seat?) and are up-to-date on your car’s regular scheduled service. Don’t postpone that—a mishap that might be just an annoyance in warmer weather could be a life-endangering hazard in the winter.

David Muhlbaum
Senior Online Editor, Kiplinger.com

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