Kiplinger's Economic Outlook for All 50 States, 2018

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America’s economic engine will continue to hum across all major regions throughout 2018.

The strongest growth is in the West, with plenty of high-wage jobs being created in tech-related hardware and software, plus aircraft, finance and business services. The South is seeing higher demand for exports such as industrial machinery and other equipment. The Midwest is enjoying a surge in demand for manufactured goods, and it leads in productivity gains, though slower auto sales could ding growth in Michigan. The Northeast is benefiting from its high-tech clusters, such as Boston. Mid-Atlantic states have limited exposure to growing trade fights, compared with other areas that rely on exports. Mountain West states stand to benefit from the recovery in oil and minerals prices.

But it’s not all good news. For instance, the commodities-heavy economies of the Plains states face some dark clouds. A slowdown in the farming industry and new international tariffs will hit hard.

Read on for Kiplinger’s exclusive 2018 economic outlook – including projected job-growth and unemployment rates – for each state, listed alphabetically.


Intern Cece Biagini also contributed to this package.

Glenn Somerville
Associate Editor, The Kiplinger Letter