Can You Spot the Counterfeit Product?

Can You Spot the Counterfeit Product?

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In the famous New Yorker cartoon, two dogs sit in front of a computer. “On the Internet,” one of them explains, “nobody knows you’re a dog.”

The subjects of the cartoon could just as well be counterfeit retailers: On the internet, nobody knows your product is a fake.

That’s because the internet opens the doors to thousands of little-known merchants that make it easy for consumers to find sought-after products at bargain prices -- yet make it hard to examine those products up-close for telltale signs of fraud.

In this quiz, take a look at nine products -- from designer perfume to brand-name golf gear -- that are making the rounds on the counterfeit market. Think you can spot the fakes?

Photos: Getty Images, Courtesy of the United States Customs and Border Protection, Courtesy of Titleist

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