The 6 Hottest NFT Projects to Know About

The soaring popularity of non-fungible tokens has many investors flocking to NFT projects. Here are the six biggest ones in the space right now.

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Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have exploded in popularity as a niche in the cryptocurrency space. An NFT is, at its core, a piece of data stored on a blockchain. But the ownership of that data can change.

So, an NFT could be tied to the ownership of a real-world asset like a parcel of property, a song, or a painting by an Old Master. However, the early success of NFT projects has been with digital pieces of artwork.

While the first NFT was minted back in 2014, the space has only taken off in the last two years. The market for NFT projects soared to over $41 billion in 2021, according to Forbes. That's an amount that's closing in on the entire fine art market!

In a not-so-shocking development, growth in the NFT space has slowed in recent months as cryptocurrencies and tech stocks have sold off. However, NFT projects are still attracting capital, investor interest and up-and-coming artists who would have normally gone through the conventional art scene. And that could still create a massive growth opportunity in the years ahead for investors who target some of the top NFT collections today.

Here, we look at the six biggest NFT projects currently underway. The top NFTs today encompass a number of interests, from gaming and sports-related collectibles, to more singularly artistic endeavors, and offer fascinating long-term opportunities for investors.

NFTs can be ranked several ways, including the total amount of sales, transactions and owners. Leading in one category may not mean leading in all categories, at least for the time being. The NFT projects featured here are the largest in terms of total sales. Check them out.


Data is as of June 28 and is courtesy of NFT projects are listed in order of lowest to highest sales.

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