Andrew Packer

Andrew Packer

Contributing Writer,

Andrew Packer is an investor and writer with decades of experience in financial markets ranging from real estate to options trading to cryptocurrencies. He has also served as an investment director for a family office.

Over the years, Andrew has created, helmed, or taken over and improved on publications for a number of financial publishers. Topics include small-cap value investing, early-stage investments, special situations, short-selling, covered call writing, commodity investing, and insider trading, among others.

In addition to Kiplinger, Andrew’s research and investment recommendations have been published in places such as Newsmax Finance, The Sovereign Society (now Banyan Hill), Trading Tips, Wyatt Investment Research and others.

Andrew has authored investment books including Uncharted, Safe Debt-Free and Rich, and The High Income Guide. He has also authored the novels Cube Noir, Operation: Honolulu, and …And This Time, It’s Personnel, which poke fun at the foibles of modern corporate America.

Andrew holds a BA in economics and has honed his analytical and valuation skills while working at real estate research and private equity firms. His investment approach is based on value, growth at a reasonable price, and special situations, and he isn’t afraid to shy away from bold predictions, like the collapse of Bitcoin in 2017 or gold in 2011.

He can be reached on Linkedin.

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