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10 Worst Things to Buy at a Yard Sale

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You can find everything but the kitchen sink at a yard sale. Heck, you might even find a kitchen sink for sale. And prices are usually rock-bottom. Affordability is a key appeal of yard sales, after all, along with the opportunity to unearth hidden treasures. That's why yard sale pros always do two things: Arrive early and haggle often.

No matter what you find, it's important to remember that some items aren't worth buying at any price. Certain things for sale at yard sales should be avoided for safety reasons, while others are simply unsanitary to buy used. Still other items might not last long -- or work at all -- by the time you get them home.


So if you're planning to hit up a couple of yard sales this weekend, read on before you do. We talked with several consumer experts to compile a list of the worst items to buy at a yard sale. Here's what they recommend avoiding and why.

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