Am I Going to Be OK in Retirement? Yes, With Focus on 5 Key Areas

All it takes is protecting what you save, having an income plan, knowing your health care options, reducing your tax burden and making an estate plan.

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Planning for retirement is actually pretty simple. Just answer the question in the headline above with a resounding “Yes!” and you’re good to go. The problem is most people can’t do that. There’s always that little question mark at the end. It should really be called the “uncertain mark,” don’t you think?

Answering this question is actually very difficult. It requires asking about new obstacles you didn’t face while working, such as: Did I save enough money? Will I run out of money? When do I start Social Security? Which Medicare plans are best? How would I pay for long-term care? Should I pay off the mortgage? How do I take required minimum distributions (RMDs)? Should I take my pension in payments or a lump sum?

The list goes on and on.

So, how do you know for certain that you’ll be OK in retirement? I think I can help. I’ve scoured over 70 years of retirement research, identified risks in retirement and categorized them into five key areas to focus on. I call it our Smiling Through Retirement Process©.

John Goodhue
Co-Founder, APO Financial

With more than 12 years of experience in the financial services industry, John is a nationally recognized financial educator, speaker and author of two books. He specializes in helping people leave legacies, not just of money, but of their values and influence in their communities.