The "Who's Who" of Streaming Video Stocks

In just a few years, streaming video has exploded from just a couple of serious contenders to dozens of players. Here are nine of the space's biggest stocks to watch.

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We waited years for the video streaming war to begin.

Well, it's here. It's heated. And it involves a host of well-backed streaming video stocks vying for relevancy amid a jam-packed crowd.

Netflix (NFLX) largely had its way over the past decade. It licensed popular content from other media companies and supplemented that with its own shows, becoming the undisputed industry leader along the way. Netflix started offering its streaming video service in 2007, and by the end of 2018 it claimed 139 million subscribers. In that time, the company faced a few half-hearted attempts to grab a piece of the pie.

But in the past 18 months or so, the video streaming war has really gotten legs. Netflix has been losing content from its library as new streaming services bring their TV shows and movies back under their own umbrella as exclusives.

Apple (AAPL) launched Apple TV+ on Nov. 1, 2019. Just two weeks later, Walt Disney (DIS) launched Disney+. In May 2020, AT&T (T) launched HBO Max followed by Comcast's (CMCSA) NBC Peacock, which went live in July 2020. The latest big entry took place in January of this year, when Discovery (DISCA) launched its Discovery+ streaming service.

And given very recent news, HBO and Discovery+ could soon become an even bigger threat.

These represent just a few of the now dozens of video streaming services competing for consumer dollars and threatening to upend the traditional TV viewing industry. We're reaching the point where at least a few clear winners and possible losers are beginning to come into focus. After all, consumers first switched to Netflix to save on their cable bills. Even if fragmented content convinces many viewers to have multiple subscriptions, few are going to pony up to all the streaming services.

Here's a look at the major streaming video stocks, and how their offerings appear poised in the current content landscape.

Data is as of May 16.

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